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Uploader FAQ page

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Please provide Frequently Asked Questions page per uploader (to be configured by the uploader), which could either be linked to from the torrent description, or from uploader profile.
This would be a useful forum for adding general details about all torrents for a particular uploader, such as media players / codec packs required, how to play & burn dvds etc., etc.
I would certainly find this useful

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Idea: Uploader FAQ page

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One of the major annoyances of downloading a software torrent is the lack of version number. Yea, I get it, you too want to contribute the latest whatever game, but it really doesn't help when you search for the title and get like a dozen identical named results.
Having a version number in the description would really help, not just in the name like some currently do. Actually it would be great if the uploaders put the version info in the name as well.

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For book torrenting, I believe uploaders should add the edition or year of their upload. Makes things easier to find and distinguishes the older versions from the newer ones.
It’s pretty unlikely anyone who isn’t a VUL or EUL would get this anyway so why shouldn’t they make their own: Blog: Uploader FAQ for Invisifan
Important update +1
Sounds a lot like a specialized blog … — if it’s not being given to just anyone who gets uploader status then … it really is just a blog isn’t it? image
Good idea though …

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