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Sub-categories when browsing

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There should be the option for sub-categories for most torrents. For example, each movie should have two simultaneous types of categories; genre and file quality. This way you can search for action movies in standard definition, 720p or DVDR format. Within DVDR you could filter based on NTSC or PAL.
MP3s could similarly be sorted based on bitrate. At the very least there should be lossless and non-lossless categories.
There should also be categories for e-books and audio books like: fiction, self-help, college text book, Science, Math, humor, etc.

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Idea: Sub-categories when browsing

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I agree. Maybe not to the extent of quality (they have A/V ratings anyway) but DEFIANTLY genres/sub categories.
in adding this, I'd suggest we reference possibly the e-hentai site, user submitted tags, voted on as to their relation to the file, if it's more action or thriller or fantasy, to help organize results by relevance

and adding genre's could be simply small +/- next to a genre name to say you're looking for something that fits in those genre's
and possibly not in a genre at all

it could be added to the existing side menu, or a pull down menu
I agree that user voting on genres should be used. For some reason some uploaders still miscategorize.

yeah that would be nice but i think we should not ask to much from kat team.They have done a lot of stuff,kat is better now :) good work guyz so far:)
it would save us a lot of time when this is implemented
for games it would be casual,role-playing,action,adventure, action and adventure,simulation
Even under casual, Hidden Object, Time Management and couple of other more categories which I'm not remembering.
If this can be implemented, it would be really cool.
Another thing with games and movies are the production or/and developer companies as sometimes its a good way if one knows of a good game and would like to see if that game developer had made some other games and you like his/her work.
This would be very handy, considering that I only download HD movies, it would save me alot of time going through to find the best quality ones. Apps section would be helpful too.
That's how it should be. Thank you.
and for apps section too, for , windows, ios , android , and blackberry smartphones as well
There should be a catagory for "Magazines" and sub catagory for "Pdf's"....
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