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Rep Point System for Translators !

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Translators should get e.g. 1 or 2 rep points for each phrase or word that they submit in any language

6 comments    672 views    Suggested by iTorrentzHD185 4 years and 7 months ago    

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Idea: Rep Point System for Translators !

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Chev.Chelios326.09K Show comment
Apparently this is what it has been for a couple months so I'm marking it completed :)
Inua16.41K Show comment
The idea Idea: Rep Point System for Translators ! is completed?
I'm not aware that we, translators, are receiving points for anything related to translations.

Inua16.41K Show comment
Yeah, you can quibble about how many points, but something more than the title of "Translator" would be nice. I mean the Mods and uploaders get rep points for the things they do. Heck, I can even get 2 rep points just for cutting and pasting a summary to a book torrent that I didn't even upload.
FarCry45105 Show comment
nice idea bt i would say 1-5 rep points for one page instead of one phrase!!!biggrinbiggrinbiggrin
Flauros11.2K Show comment
That would be too much reputation points, and unfair. Translating is an art and shouldn't be done for reputation points or anything else, just to help people and spread good linguistics...
This feature would be counterproductive.
Inua16.41K Show comment
Well, you could say the same for uploading, giving feedback, comments, etc...

The point is that it can take a lot of time and hard work and it would be nice to get a little more tangible recognition. We're not all as altruistic as you might like us to be.

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