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Pending Searches

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Let users save searches in advance. The next time they login, if the search has new results, they get notified and can review the results.
Given the number of fake/bad quality torrents that are likely to pop up in the results, it would also be nice if the user could reject certain results and have these not show up for that search in the future.
User searches for "Awesome Movie 2012 1080p". No results. Offer the option to create a pending search.
Add pending search for "Awesome Movie 2012 1080p"
On next login, assuming there is a search result, there is a message waiting.
User reads the message and reviews the result. It's a cam and the video/audio score is really low. User is not interested and clicks a button that says, "not this". That torrent never again shows up in that specific pending search.
At any time, a user can select a pending search and say "Show all results", which displays a list that includes those that the user has previously blocked, at which time specific torrents can be unblocked (for example, if the user blocked a torrent by mistake).

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Idea: Pending Searches

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Great idea! I came here searching for a 'bookmark searches' idea, but this is even better!
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