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Mis lead ISP's

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I was wondering, and I know I can't be the only person in the world to think this.... But why not rename torrents so that they cant actually track what we download? I know it would be a little harder to keep a list of what torrent is actually what ... But when you think about it isn't it the keywords what they look for in the different torrents? And how do they know what we are actually downloading if it's not named the title that they are watching.... It's not like they actually would know that you downloaded Ironman 2 if it's named "Metal workers dream continued!" I was just curious about that!? I know that they have dinged me for having specific file names downloaded and seeding... so why not just rename them? let me know what y'all think!!!

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Idea: Mis lead ISP's

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by doing this you would be more likely to get put in prison or be hit with a 2000 pound fine
its already hard to find some torrents, imagine if they all had cryptic names lol. i'm not for this one....sorry. there are easier ways!
The idea would be to move to an ISP that doesn't give a sock.
Even if...
- your ISP couldn't see the torrent names,
- your ISP couldn't see the torrent file you download (from using a magnet link),
- your ISP couldn't see the data you pass to this site because HTTPS gets implemented...
They will still have a good idea of what you're downloading. Hundreds of UDP and TCP connections pouring into a home internet connection is kind of obvious - lets stop playing dumb and just accept that the few people that have "been caught" are ones whose ISP's have agreed to make an example of them. It doesn't mean they do not know about Y.O.U.
You guys should see what network monitoring looks like from an ISP point of view. Torrent traffic is obvious, at the best of times.
Arent all the torrents random numbers and letters anyway?
your talking about the torrent hash. the torrent hash is like a person's social security number, it is how a torrent site identifies the torrent. for example, if you try to upload 2 torrents here with the same hash it will not let you because it identifies it as already existing here. just like 2 people cannot have the same social security number.

mods can already rename torrents so that isnt exactly a feature
You can use magnets. So there will be no torrent file.
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