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My suggestion would be a higres category for example movies, tv shows etc. Here there should be BRRIP, HDDVD rip, HDTV and so on, insted of searching for 720p, 1080p, mkv, mp4...
It would be a more specific search machine, than the one there already is.
Thx a lot, for all you have already done!

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Idea: Highres category

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highres does need to be divided between 720p and 1080x

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it has been almost 6 years and there is still no Hi-res tv section, however this idea says "completed". sorry but it is not completed.
excellent ideacool
Yes please have a tick box that remembers what type of files you usually search for and for my case I would always have mp4 so I can watch it on my tv and iPad! :)
And also into BRRip also....loveliness
Good idea.. it needs to be done
highres does need to be divided between 720p and 1080x
Always nice to see more search options, anything that can help make things easier can only be good in my books.
All for it :)
n mayb categories 4 languages.....jst c 2 it....
How to get to the categories:
1. Search for a movie
2. Open a torrent link, doesn't matter, as long as it's a search result
3. Click the title of the movie
(Don't worry, you'll see it. It's beside the poster....)
[poster here] View all movie versions: Toy Story 3
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