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Edit Torrent Trackers

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Sometimes torrent trackers are dead and new trackers exist for the same torrent.
Please make possible editing trackers of a torrent.

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Idea: Edit Torrent Trackers

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This would be nice because many times the original trackers do end up being dead giving false negative of 0/0 seeds and peers while there are unlisted trackers being used which do have a positive seed/peer status.
This is a excellent idea.
just a guess but only the original uploader would be able to do that and if they dont know what they are doing then the chances are they wont touch it. aint broke dont fix it kinda thing. and if the torrent is an indexed one then torrent mods can do it, easy peasy
Yeah, sometimes # of seeds showed aren't real.

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but I'm suggesting an improvement to this feature and don't have the rep.

As Lazy said, letting people other than the OP edit the tracker list would have huge problems, but often a torrent is still alive through DHT and adding a new tracker would fix things easily. So maybe a number of solutions could be considered:

* Making tracker additions allowed by anyone, but subject to voting by the community.
* Designating an 'official' tracker that's alive and KAT's servers can reach to which dead torrents automatically get added.
* Making two torrent files available: official and community-sourced trackers.
* Allowing a custom torrent download, where you check the trackers you like and can see which are official and which have peers on them.

If you like this suggestion and have the rep, please feel free to make it a new thread if appropriate.

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excellent ideacool
This is a good idea but unfortunately the solution arrived at here is not the optimal one. I recently edited the trackers of my upload - changed the 2/10 trackers which were dead into 2 others. But I found it annoying that after we edit the trackers, we need to download the torrent with the new trackers and upload once again. It would be better if the original torrent stays alive even after editing torrents without needing to upload the torrent file again. Thanks :)

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any body give m e a tracker :\
Perfect...! A lot of torrents would be alive and enable to download... wink
this is a great idea...
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