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Download a single file from a torrent

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I know that in utorrent you can choose if you dont want download several files from a realise.
But it would be cool to have this on the website.

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Idea: Download a single file from a torrent

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kat only stores the torrent file not the actual torrent

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downloathing5026 Show comment
Apparently you don't know what torrents are and how they work. In rather simple terms a torrent is like a container that holds the filenames it contains and the checksum information about the all chunks (not files!) of the torrent. The checksums are important to ensure that the files were downloaded and not corrupted.

Maybe an abstract comparison to understand why this isn't possible:

Let's say you want to call your friend, but don't know her phone number. What you usually do is you take a phone book, look for her name and address, read the phone number and call her. Compared to torrents, it's like this:

1) take the phone book off the shelf, i.e. download the torrent
2) look for her name, i.e. look for the filename you want to download
3) read the phone number, i.e. mark the file to be downloaded
4) dial the phone number, i.e. click "Start/Run/Download/Queue/..."

In other words you can't ask the shelf to give you the phone number of your friend.
henrick3180 Show comment
kat only stores the torrent file not the actual torrent
gazza-91124.03K Show comment
This isn't possible as it doesn't store the files, only indexes them
hairy.legs.petunia1091 Show comment
I was just about to say...
It seems like that option only exists within the limits of your bitclient.
NotKonscious529 Show comment
I don't think this is possible.
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