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Given the standing rules regarding what is permitted in the feedback section, and given what the community (registered and anon users) want to know about a file conflict. I am putting forward a recommendation to add a [Reviews] tab for torrents where users are given the opportunity to offer their opinions on the given file.
Everybody seeks an opinion before trying a new software, watching a new movie, or deciding if that 6 GB game download is worth it. For the robust community as this is, providing a platform to offer personal insight on the file is, in my opinion, paramount.
How to Implement this:
>> Adding a new tab inbetween the Locations and Feedback tabs
>> Utilize the feedback script that allows users to rate the review
>> Create achievements for users who offer their insight, and are awarded positive points by the community
>> Allow anonymous to view, but not review

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Idea: Critique / Reviews

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excellent ideacool
Idea: Critique / Reviews
That what the comment are for.
This is an excellent idea Mahn. Hopefully this will clean the feedback section..
Good idea ,but do we need a new tab. Can't we just post under feedback
Well, no. Because some people really aren't interested in seeing user reviews and it would just make the feedback section bulky. Some people check out reviews on dedicated sites BEFORE they look for the movies. But some people browse to find random movies when they feel up to it.
Yep that's true. Many users check out reviews before they start downloading. But a review tab would be nice. With an ever growing community, the amount of feedback can be of great help.
Actually more peoples feedback consist of how the felt about what they downed already. So it would not bulk it up anymore than what it is. I like to hear what average people like myself think of a movie or whatever I'm downing. Not what critics have to say about it their either to jaded or getting something out of the deal.

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