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In the forum there should be a pop-up with confirm report button. We have this on watch thread and would be nice to have it on a report button as well.

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Idea: Confirm report

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It makes sense. Many people post they accidentally hit the report button. Would take a real goober to make a mistake twice in a row!
this would be nice for preventing accidental reporting
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Good idea mate.

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nice to have this one around thanks for implementing it cheers mate
Wait are you referring to posts or the thread itself?

If it's about posts come on, make it happen wrong user link tongue(Nice idea) if it's regarding thread I smell a completed idea :)

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I have reported users on my wall on accident also.
Very good 2 year old idea. I'm sure this will happen soon...
I came here to suggest that we be able to somehow undo an accidental click of the report button. This suggestion should do the trick though :)
You can just PM an online super moderator about it, and they will remove the report :)

Nice Idea m8 ..
Sure it got my vote ! wink
Great idea, was going to put this in the Ideabox myself :)
Good idea mate.
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