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A mark or sign for friends

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a little mark or sign next to someones name if they are in your friends list
with so many people using the site and friends lists of over 100 in many occasions it is hard to keep track of who is in your list and who is not so this would solve that :)

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Idea: A mark or sign for friends

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i cant change the thumbs up no
it seems that might create a thumbs up tit for tat frenzy , if you see a comment and its your (checked as ) friend you might automatically give it a thumbs up.thumbs up should be given for quality not friendship ,especially friends you don't easily recognize. i like this idea , but i think it would increase status points more on amount of peoples friend then the quality of their comment. it would have a big affect on status and change the dynamic
That seems helpful. Saves you from having to go to your profile and then hitting another tab. I spend a lot of my day clicking.
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