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Achievement for seven years time here.

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

Pretty soon we will be having people with seven years.
But there is no cheevo for that anniversary.
I propose the name be "The Seven Year Itch".
Like the movie, with Marilyn Monroe.

25 comments    142 views    Suggested by RonthePirate4701 2 months ago    
This feature is planned

Gold achievement for "change avatar"

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

The current silver achievement: Shapeshifter Changed your avatar 100 times should be re-categorized as a Gold achievement. The gap from the bronze achievement of "changed avatar 10 times" to the current silver achievement is too large.

16 comments    117 views    Suggested by calypa4530 12 months ago    
This feature is planned

Fix bug and disable possibility for edit idea with status planned, under review or declined!

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

Today some my idea got status planned and after i read it again i saw some small mistake and i did edit to fix it but after i did that, i changed status from planned in draft, i did not know that is possible, are you and i think that will be good to disable possibility for edit idea after she leaving the status draft, something like completed idea or to have warning after we try to save changes, that we will also change the status of idea if we do that!!!! Today i did the same for one of my declined idea, i returned it again in draft status!
P.S. That means we can do it also for idea with status declined!!!
You can see:
iKickass45.28K : User Mr.Red14.16K has changed the Idea: Idea: New arrangement for ideas!!! status to planned.

iKickass45.28K : User wrong user link has changed the Idea: Idea: New arrangement for ideas!!! status to draft.
Tnk you Mr.Red14.16K , because of you my idea again have status planned!!

25 comments    132 views    Suggested by HwoarangCS44.92K 5 months ago    
This feature is planned

Reply Button in Top Comments

 in Comments, Messages and Feedback

Adding a reply button in top comments also.
If you want to reply to a top Comment, then you should scroll all way down to reply to the Comment!!!
So if there is a reply button in the top comments also, then it would become easier!

36 comments    246 views    Suggested by Sherlockism11.89K 3 years ago    
This feature is planned

Link to translators

 in Community

At this time finding a translator to assist if ones native language is not English is difficult and acts as a barrier.
It is not intuitive to click the link at the bottom of the page titled people and from there to find the group translators and then to search the list for who can help.
This three part process is imo too difficult.
My suggestion is to add under the community tab at the top of the page a link to the translators.
The user will still need to search through the list but the ease of finding help and assistance I feel will benefit those who wish to participate.

28 comments    157 views    Suggested by johnno2332.43K 8 months ago    
This feature is planned

Disable group's join requests.

 in Community

For a while I've been a maintainer of one private group, and since then I was getting join requests from users that weren't invited. Usually me and other maintainers just decline those requests, but it would be more useful if requests could be disabled and invitations sent instead, like I mentioned in this idea of mine:
Idea: Club invitation option

8 comments    100 views    Suggested by Deth93117.65K 1 year and 4 months ago    
This feature is planned

Improved meta-info for eBooks + Ability to create new meta-info for VUL's

 in General Enhancements

I have often seen that wrong meta info. is shown on eBook uploads and in many cases KAT do NOT show any meta-info on eBook uploads(even after entering the correct ISBN number). Daily thousands of new eBooks get uploaded on KAT and every verified ebook up-loader face this kind of problem here.
To solve this problem KAT should improve their meta-info results (by correcting and updating them). If this is not possible, then there should be an option only for VUL's(Non-VUL's may exploit this feature) to manually add/update the correct meta-info on THEIR eBook uploads.
Whenever a MOD will get time they will verify that meta-info and after that it will be permanently saved on this site.
This feature will make KAT a better and more attractive place for downloading eBooks :)

12 comments    119 views    Suggested by Charm-Quark7036 1 year ago    
This feature is planned

Create Folder in Friends tab

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

We can have many friends they could be moderators, uploaders, nearby friends,etc. It is very difficult to find them If you have many friends. So, I want to put Uploaders in 1, Moderators in 1, Friendly friends in 1 folder. So i can communicate better with them & keep track of my favorite uploaders uploads easyly.

11 comments    53 views    Suggested by Ami_Bangali6567 2 years and 1 month ago    
This feature is planned

Search by category On the upload tab on a uploaders profile & LATEST tab

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

There are uploaders that releases various kinds of stuff. But I like his music only. Now we can sort items by Size, Files, Age, Seeds & Leech (Highlighted by green).
Now I want to sort items by music(Highlighted by red),Just by clicking that left red highlighted music icon. There are also games highlighted in the picture. I want to sort item by its category on the page. & also Latest tab(
I hope the wizerds will make us find stuff easily.

14 comments    109 views    Suggested by Ami_Bangali6567 2 years and 1 month ago    
This feature is planned

"Only friends can post on your wall" option

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

The title says all. It will be great to implant this option, since most of us don't like unknown people posting on our walls.

7 comments    41 views    Suggested by Deth93117.65K 2 years and 5 months ago    
This feature is planned

Move Selected feature in bookmark

 in Subscriptions, Bookmarks and RSS

option should be added in bookmarks to
"Move selected Items" to any folder
and Sorting bookmarked torrent by name,size,age etc
like we sort while searching torrent

13 comments    188 views    Suggested by JackSparrow6901 4 years and 5 months ago    
This feature is planned

Recommend to Friends

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

Speaks for itself and should have already been available. But, I can let it seeing as there is alot of progress being done anyways and thank you for that.
I would love to have Recommend to a Friend option for any files uploaded. This way I don't need to contact friends about this in other ways. It would also make the Profile itself more interactive.
Not to mention more achievement goals.
Applying an option to exclude from it might be a great addition. If someone doesn't want to have recommendations from friends, have a click this box to be excluded from it - I like that!!
THIS IDEA via succubus incubus

67 comments    3406 views    Suggested by oSTARLORDo4090 5 years and 9 months ago    
This feature is planned

Search option based on file formats for Torrents

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

It would be nice to be able to search within torrent categories using file formats. Searches for eBooks and Videos would go over great, if the user has a specific device or ereader to read the ebook on, or a specific video file format for different devices.

22 comments    114 views    Suggested by TheArchivist39.63K 1 year and 9 months ago    
This feature is planned

New Category for Videos - Academic

 in New Category Suggestions

I have been uploading videos that are academic tutorials, At the moment there is no category under movies for this so I end up using the EBooks - Academic for the category which isn't correct. So I propose a new Category in the Videos section for Academic Videos.

5 comments    45 views    Suggested by Vortex_Stream3340 8 months ago    
This feature is planned

Grouping or Collections Manager for Bookmarks

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

We like to bookmark torrents, threads, games, movies etc. here on KAT, but the organization for these is generic and heirarchical only.
It would be great to have a site feature that allows us to create collections of bookmarked torrents and threads, to display on our profile and/or sharing with friends.
This idea can be further expanded by linking a collections tab on artist, movie, book, album etc pages i.e., Eminem's artist page would have a collections tab which shows the collections in which the music torrents have featured.

7 comments    76 views    Suggested by TheArchivist39.63K 1 year and 8 months ago    
This feature is planned

Search option for "Friends" tab in Profile

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

With the number of active users here on KAT increasing day by day, and with most people having friend lists numbering in the hundreds, it would be nice to have a search bar baked into the "Friends" tab in our profiles, so that we could search for friends easily, for intra-KAT networking.

21 comments    171 views    Suggested by TheArchivist39.63K 1 year and 8 months ago    
This feature is planned

Ability to categorize friends into "Friend Lists"

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

The "Friends" tab on our profile currently lies in great disarray, as there is no real organizational scheme implemented there. This makes it difficult to navigate through the list, especially if we have more than one page-worth of names on there. The ability to sort our KAT-friends into lists under the "Friends" tab would be great.

11 comments    76 views    Suggested by TheArchivist39.63K 1 year and 8 months ago    
This feature is planned


 in Other

I have been thinking about that there should be something that can help the beginners aka newbies here.I myself had to stroll through various things and luckily enough i got some good friends to guide me out of troubles.But what if another fellow like me can't get that kind of help or just say gets lost on site as big as this which has so much to offer.So here's a little link i intend that should me in place to welcome and help the new comers.
Title/Link - Welcome / Beginner's Guide.
Main contents -
*Welcome message with a brief introduction of what Kickass Torrents is all about
*Site's main page with pointers explaining what is what?
*Site Rules(the sooner told the better)
*Do's and dont's(in a quick numeric form)
*Member levels and their Roles(it took me 2 months to find that out)
*How to download a torrent file(since this is the primary reason for anyone to join this site)
*What in case of any trouble??(refer to community>general discussions)
*Extra features(reference can be made to kat radio; subscriptions; bookmarks; idea box;
language change; torrent requests; contact information etc.)
Last but not the least - A simple Thank you for joining the kat community and wishing a memorable and fun-filled stay here.
With this kind of link provided on the main page,in my view it'll surely help the beginners to understand the site better and since we all are working our way to the quest of making a global brand;a little welcome(insight) note to the site can surely serve our cause in a better manner

102 comments    974 views    Suggested by ravi23.29K 3 years and 11 months ago    
This feature is planned

Add poll function for blogs

 in Blog

Like in threads, but for blogs. Would be pretty helpful sometimes :)

21 comments    177 views    Suggested by Deckard.Shaw327.94K 2 years and 2 months ago    
This feature is planned

QR Code Generator for Profiles, Torrents, Threads and Blogs

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

This is another interesting feature that could be baked into the site - QR codes, either generated on upload, or generated on demand, for scanning into mobile devices- phones, tabs, ipads etc. This could be a great way to share torrents.
P.S.- I know QR codes can be generated in third party sites and apps, but it could be interesting to have this baked-in, as a site feature

20 comments    103 views    Suggested by TheArchivist39.63K 1 year and 8 months ago    
This feature is planned

Remove folders in Bookmarked torrents tab.

 in Subscriptions, Bookmarks and RSS

As some of you may noticed, there's a way to make folders for your bookmarked torrents or rename them, but there's no way to delete them. With this feature, folders in Bookmarked torrents tab will be fully customizable.

5 comments    41 views    Suggested by Deth93117.65K 1 year and 9 months ago    
This feature is planned

Activity Graph for Torrents, Visible to Uploaders and Mods

 in Torrent Enhancements

This is a suggested feature that can help Uploaders and Mods track activity - upload, and every subsequent download, rating and comment - on any particular torrent, to see if there's any need to reseed the torrent, based on the pattern of seeders and leechers.

23 comments    156 views    Suggested by TheArchivist39.63K 1 year and 8 months ago    
This feature is planned

Add more Privacy options for user profile

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

There should be more custom options for privacy of our profile.
-Hide ONLY uploads tab
-Hide ONLY comments tab
-Hide ONLY friends tab
-Hide info. like Joined, last visit & Birthday.
or maybe more!

85 comments    1116 views    Suggested by ATOM72.34K 2 years and 2 months ago    
This feature is planned

A "like" button beside your status and a tab saying User Likes which shows how many people like a user!

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

This would be AMAZING!

191 comments    6476 views    Suggested by iKMN9860 5 years and 1 month ago    
This feature is planned

Independent film section

 in Torrent Enhancements

I and many others here at KAT would like to see an independent film section. Hope it happens. :)

35 comments    2939 views    Suggested by little D10.3K 5 years and 10 months ago    
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