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One year after Kevin was left home alone and had to defeat a pair of bumbling burglars, he accidentally finds himself in New York City, and the same criminals are not far behind.

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Home-Alone-2-Lost-In-New-York (1992) MP4 DVDrip.. RAYMONDryche (Size: 528.64 MB)
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Home Alone 2 : Lost In New York

Macaulay Culkin stars as Kevin McCallister, who is once again separated from his family during one of their Christmas travels (following the first film). This time, the family is going to Miami, Florida for Christmas. Kevin makes it to O'Hare International Airport, but loses sight of his family while trying to get batteries for his Talkboy out of his father Peter's bag. Seeing a man that is wearing the same coat as his father, he follows him toward a flight to LaGuardia

Airport in New York City and doesn't realize where he is until the plane lands. While in New York, he decides to make the most of, as he puts it, "the greatest accident of my life". Along the way Kevin meets several people, including a lady (played by Brenda Fricker) who enjoys caring for pigeons, but creeps Kevin out at first.

While Kevin did not make it to Miami, his luggage did. Peter pulls Kevin's bag off the carousel and passes it down the line to his cousin, Fuller, who realizes that Kevin did not embark on the flight to Miami. The bag is then passed back down the line to Kate McCallister, Kevin's mother, who doesn't immediately realize that Kevin isn't there but faints upon doing so. The Miami Airport security staff decides to call O'Hare in hopes that Kevin is still in the airport. After they find out he isn't, everyone starts to wonder where he could be. After being asked to see a recent photo of their son, Peter realizes that he doesn't have his wallet on him. Because his wallet was in his bag and Kevin took it as they were going into the airport, Kevin has the wallet. Since Peter has credit cards in it, security informs him that Kevin can be tracked if he attempts to use one of the cards.

Meanwhile, Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern), the "Wet Bandits" from the first film, have broken out of prison in Chicago. They have made their way to New York and are trying to find a new target. Marv also comes up with a new nickname for the duo, the "Sticky Bandits," based on his new ability to steal things by covering his hand with double-sided masking tape (which he coined after managing to swipe 14 cents from a Santa Claus on the street).

In New York, Kevin decides he needs a place to stay. He decides to stay at the Plaza Hotel (after hearing about it on a TV game show the night before), placing Peter's credit card to check in. The concierge (played by Tim Curry), is suspicious of him the entire time he sees him there, going as far as sneaking into his room and prove Kevin a fraud. This attempt ends in failure as he is caught by Kevin using an inflatable clown to impersonate Frank McCallister singing in the shower (which Kevin had recorded earlier on his Talkboy). The next morning wants to apologize to Kevin's father for what he did the night before.

During one of his days at the Plaza, Kevin decides to hire a limousine to take him around town and makes a visit at Duncan's Toy Chest, a huge toy store in New York City's Time Square. Duncan is a benevolent philanthropist who tells Kevin about his intentions to donate his Christmas profits to the Children's Hospital.
Kevin's plan, however, begins to fall apart after he leaves. First, he runs into Harry and Marv on the street outside the store. Harry recognizes Kevin, and a chase subsequently follows, but Kevin thwarts them by making them slip on necklace beads. Kevin gets back to the Plaza Hotel to find Mr. Hector waiting for him and tries to get him to help with Harry and Marv, but finds even more trouble as his unauthorized use of Peter's credit card has caught up with him and he is forced to run away.

Kevin is able to escape by employing a trick he used in the first film, playing a gangster movie at full volume to trick the staff into believing that someone is being shot in the room (this time, Angels with Even Filthier Souls, a false sequel to Angels with Filthy Souls in the first movie). Kevin uses the service staircase to escape the hotel but runs right into Harry and Marv as he does. Marv begins telling Kevin that he and Harry are planning to rob Duncan's toy chest, unaware that Kevin is recording the conversation. He is able to escape into Central Park and gets free while riding in the back of a hansom cab.
Down in Miami, Kate takes a phone call from airport security that Kevin has been located in New York. They also learn what Kevin has done with Peter's credit card and that he is on the run from the police. The McCallisters decide to leave at that moment and head to New York as soon as possible.

Kevin, meanwhile, finds his Uncle Rob's penthouse, but it's being renovated. He then begins walking through Central Park at night, coming across several homeless people and prostitutes along the way. Scared out of his mind, he then confronts the pigeon lady again, but gets his foot stuck between two rocks when he tries to run away. After she frees him, he apologizes for running and the two go to Carnegie Hall to watch an orchestra play Christmas music from a loft. Kevin learns that the pigeon lady's life has fallen apart because of a lack of trust in people and a lack of friends, and promises to be her friend if she needs one. The pigeon lady, although flattered, tells Kevin not to make promises he can't keep.
While on his way he stops at the Children's Hospital and waves to a child watching him from the window. While there he remembers what Mr. Duncan told him earlier, then remembers that Marv had told him about robbing Duncan's toy chest earlier that day. Kevin says to himself, "You can mess with a lot of things, but you can't mess with kids on Christmas," then dashes to his uncle's house to begin what he calls "Operation Ho-Ho-Ho," which while along the same lines as the plan from the first film feature much more violent booby traps.

Once the McCallisters arrive in New York, Peter and Kate confront the staff at the Plaza for letting Kevin get away. The staff offers the McCallisters a complimentary suite as a token of their apology, and Peter decides to go down to the police station to see what they are doing to find Kevin. Kate, however, insists on roaming the streets herself to look for Kevin against the advice of both Peter and the staff; as she does so, the rest of the family and their luggage are taken up to the suite.

When Kevin is done booby-trapping the house, he walks over to the store with a wooden plank and a bucket just in time to see Harry and Marv start stealing cash from the store. He takes two pictures of Harry and Marv's crime and then throws a rock with a note he wrote to Mr. Duncan through the window, which triggers the alarm. Kevin uses the plank and bucket to make a makeshift seesaw in front of the store. Harry hits it first and realizes what is about to happen, but before he can warn Marv not to step on the other side Marv does exactly that and sends Harry flying through the air and crashing through the roof of a parked car.
The robbers then chase Kevin back to the penthouse where Harry tries to make a deal with Kevin to give him the camera. Kevin responds by throwing several bricks off the roof of the penthouse at Harry, but every brick he throws hits Marv instead. Eventually both of the Wet Bandits reaches Kevin in the house, but not before dealing with several of the booby traps along the way (which include another meeting between Harry and a blowtorch-which ends with him dipping his head into a toilet full of paint thinner- and Marv falling through a hole in the floor and being electrocuted with an arc welder). Once they team up to catch Kevin, they notice that Kevin has tied a string from the knob of a door downstairs to a tool chest upstairs. When Harry tries pulling the doorknob, he doesn't know that he pulled the string; and the tool chest makes its descent down the staircase, forcefully taking the door off its hinges and rolling the pair into the wall behind them. The final trap Kevin sets involves a kerosene soaked rope that he sets on fire as Harry and Marv climb down it, which forces them to let go of the rope and fall down sending a few dozen cans of varnish into the air as they land, which then comes down and submerges them.

Kevin escapes into the park and calls 9-1-1, but just as he is about to continue running he slips and falls on a patch of ice. Harry and Marv then take him to the park and confiscate his photos and tape, and Harry pulls out a pistol which he has trouble firing because it's covered in varnish. The pigeon lady returns to save Kevin, tossing her bucket of birdseed on Harry and Marv. The birdseed sticks to the thieves, turning them into bird feeders and causes dozens of pigeons to attack them.

Kevin then sets off some fireworks, which he bought earlier, to signal the police. They arrive, and as the thieves are arrested, the police come across Kevin's photos and tape, further incriminating the Sticky Bandits. Furthermore, the cash they stole is recovered and the employees of Duncan's Toy Chest are notified. Mr. Duncan then receives Kevin's note and is relieved that Kevin had done what he had to do.

Meanwhile, Kate is frantically searching New York City for Kevin. She stumbles across two police officers in Times Square, and while talking to them she mentions that Kevin deserves to be with his family around his Christmas Tree. Suddenly it dawns on her that Kevin must be at Rockefeller Center, and asks the policemen to take her there. Her intuition proves correct, as Kevin is standing there wishing that his mother would appear. The two embrace and apologize to each other, then head back to the hotel.

The next morning, Christmas Day, Mr. Duncan sends a whole truckload of presents to Kevin and his family at the Plaza Hotel as a reward for Kevin's role in the apprehension of Harry and Marv. His older brother Buzz suggests that had it not been for Kevin getting on the wrong plane, they would not be in the suite with the Christmas tree and gifts, and thinks it's only fair that Kevin get to open up the first present. While everyone is opening their presents, Kevin notices that his turtledoves are on the room's Christmas tree and decides to head across the street to the park. He finds the pigeon lady feeding her pigeons and gives her one of the turtledoves, which serves as an affirmation of his promise from earlier. The pigeon lady is grateful for the gift and shares a hug with Kevin.
While all of this is going on Kevin's room service bill from his first stay at The Plaza, totaling $967.43, is delivered to the McCallisters' room. Buzz receives it and passes it along to Peter, who screams at Kevin from the hotel room regarding the charges. The film ends with Kevin running back to the hotel.

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