Garmin unlocker+Garmin keygen 1.5 for CN 2008,2009,2010

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Garmin unlocker

Unlock all garmin city navigator 2008,2009,2010 maps used in MAPSOURCE,and after use them for sending to your device - Garmin GPS, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8gb, and all PDA, smartphone, etc which use GPS over bluetooth, or assisted GPS, internal, etc.. , without any problems, after unlocking device with garmin keygen 1.5.

1. Install MapSource

2. Install Maps - in c:\garmin

3. Use attached unlocker - just extract and run bat file

4. Using MapSource transfer maps to device

To make everybody happy JetMouse made one more version of Unlock Generator that enables a full customization of all input fields (such as PID, RgnID, VenID), when generating unlocks in custom mapset mode. With this version you should be able to unlock every product on the market using current Garmin locking technology.


- added support for customization of additional input fields (such as PID, RgnID, VenID)

when generating unlocks in custom mapset mode.

- some major City Navigator maps updated

- some minor bugs fixed

Map ID's: In case you dont know what MapID you have

MapID: 2 North America City Navigator V4.00

MapID: 5 Europe City Navigator v4.0

MapID: 6 North America City Select v4.0

MapID: 11 Americas BlueChart v4.00

MapID: 12 Europe City Select v4.00

MapID: 13 Atlantic BlueChart v4.00

MapID: 14 Europe MetroGuide V4.00

MapID: 17 Australian City Navigator V4.00

MapID: 21 North America City Navigator V4.01

MapID: 23 South Africa City Select V4.00

MapID: 26 Australian Metroguide V4.00

MapID: 28 Atlantic BlueChart v4.01

MapID: 32 Taiwan Topo V5.00

MapID: 35 Europe City Navigator v5.00

MapID: 38 Americas BlueChart v5

MapID: 41 Atlantic BlueChart v5

MapID: 45 European City Select V5.00

MapID: 48 North American City Navigator v5

MapID: 57 City Navigator Thailand v8.1

MapID: 58 Americas BlueChart v5.5

MapID: 59 Atlantic BlueChart v5.5

MapID: 60 Pacific BlueChart v5.5

MapID: 61 North America City Select V5.00

MapID: 62 European City Select V6.00

MapID: 63 European City Navigator Version 6

MapID: 66 Europe 20m Contour lines

MapID: 67 Taiwan City Navigator v7.01

MapID: 68 Americas BlueChart v6

MapID: 69 Atlantic BlueChart v6

MapID: 71 South Africa City Select v5

MapID: 72 City Navigator Australia v5

MapID: 77 Karten der Alpen (Contour lines)

MapID: 83 City Navigator North America v6

MapID: 84 Topo Austria

MapID: 85 North American City Select V6

MapID: 87 City Navigator Middle East v2

MapID: 92 BlueChart Americas v6.5

MapID: 93 BlueChart Atlantic v6.5

MapID: 94 BlueChart Pacific v6.5

MapID: 98 City Navigator Europe v7

MapID: 99 City Select Europe v7

MapID: 114 BlueChart Americas v7.0

MapID: 115 BlueChart Atlantic v7.0

MapID: 116 BlueChart Pacific v7.0

MapID: 121 City Select Europe v7

MapID: 123 City Navigator North America v7

MapID: 125 City Select North America v7

MapID: 129 City Navigator Australia v6

MapID: 131 BlueChart Americas v7.5

MapID: 132 BlueChart Atlantic v7.5

MapID: 133 BlueChart Pacific v7.5

MapID: 141 Topo Great Britain v2

MapID: 142 City Navigator Middle East v3

MapID: 143 City Navigator Europe v8

MapID: 144 City Navigator Europe v8 NT

MapID: 145 MetroGuide Europe v8

MapID: 148 BlueChart Americas v8.0

MapID: 149 BlueChart Atlantic v8.0

MapID: 150 BlueChart Pacific v8.0

MapID: 155 China City Navigator ENG OF v5.0

MapID: 171 City Navigator North America NT v8

MapID: 173 BlueChart Americas v8.5

MapID: 174 BlueChart Atlantic v8.5

MapID: 175 BlueChart Pacific v8.5

MapID: 177 City Navigator Australia v7

MapID: 178 City Navigator New Zeland 3

MapID: 197 City Navigator Europe NT

MapID: 198 City Navigator Europe v9

MapID: 200 Topo USA 2008

MapID: 204 BlueChart Americas v9

MapID: 206 BlueChart Pacific v9

MapID: 208 BlueChart Atlantic v9

MapID: 214 City Navigator Taiwan 8

MapID: 219 City Navigator South Africa v6.0

MapID: 220 City Navigator Brazil NT v3

MapID: 224 Japan Street Map v8.00 (Japanese)

MapID: 230 - City Navigator Singapore,Malaysia NT v2.72

MapID: 241 City Navigator Middle East v4

MapID: 242 City Navigator Middle East v4 NT

MapID: 243 City Navigator North America 2008 (non NT)

MapID: 244 City Navigator North America NT 2008

MapID: 250 BlueChart Americas v9.5

MapID: 254 BlueChart Atlantic v9.5

MapID: 256 BlueChart Pacific v9.5

MapID: 267 City Navigator Indonesia NT v2.1, v3.1

MapID: 271 City Navigator Australia 2008

MapID: 272 City Navigator Australia NT 2008

MapID: 278 City Navigator Mexico NT 2008

MapID: 279 China City Navigator CHS OF v6.0

MapID: 280 China City Navigator Eng NT v6.0

MapID: 283 City Navigator EU 2008

MapID: 284 City Navigator EU 2008 NT

MapID: 287 Taiwan City Navigator v8.51

MapID: 291 BlueChart Americas V.2008

MapID: 295 BlueChart Atlantic 2008

MapID: 323 City Navigator Russia NT 2008

MapID: 325 City Navigator North America NT 2009

MapID: 328 City Navigator Middle East 2008

MapID: 329 City Navigator Middle East NT 2008

MapID: 334 City Navigator Brazil NT v4

MapID: 335 City Navigator Southeastern Asia v2.0 NT

MapID: 350 China City Navigator CHS NT V6.5

MapID: 350 China City Navigator CHS NT V6.6

MapID: 351 China City Navigator ENG NT V6.5

MapID: 358 City Navigator Australia NT 2009

MapID: 360 Taiwan City Navigator CHT NT V8.53B

MapID: 363 City Navigator Southeastern Asia v3.0 NT

MapID: 370 Hongkong City Navigator CHS NT 2008

MapID: 370 Hongkong City Navigator CHT NT 2008

MapID: 370 Hongkong City Navigator ENG NT 2008

MapID: 535 Topo Deutschland (Nord)

MapID: 536 Topo Germany

MapID: 562 Slovakia Roads 2.10

MapID: 575 CarteBlanche Ukraine

MapID: 578 Czech Republic Topo

MapID: 579 Atlas CR10R v5, v6

MapID: 620 Topo Maps Belgium

MapID: 625 Finland Topo area 1

MapID: 626 Finland Topo area 2

MapID: 627 Finland Topo area 3

MapID: 628 Finland Topo area 4

MapID: 629 Finland Topo area 5

MapID: 630 Finland Topo area 6

MapID: 700 Topo Deutschland v2

MapID: 703 - TOPO Swiss

MapID: 706 Topo Oesterreich


MapID: 708 Adria Route v1.7*

MapID: 709 NaviGuide Hungary v4.*

MapID: 715 Slovakia Roads v4.* or v5.0

MapID: 716 Slovakia Topo v2

MapID: 718 GPS Topo 1 Alpes

MapID: 719 GPS Topo 2 Pyrénées - Sud Ouest

MapID: 720 GPS Topo 3 Provence Côte d'Azur Méditerranée

MapID: 721 GPS Topo 4 Bretagne - Normandie

MapID: 722 GPS Topo 5 Ile de France

MapID: 724 Chile Streets 2007

MapID: 735 GPS Kort Island V2 Large

MapID: 746 RO.A.D. 2005 (Romunia)

MapID: 750 Roads of Russia with Routing v3.05

MapID: 772 GPS Topo 6 Alsace Lorraine - Vosges Jura

MapID: 773 GPS Topo 8 Bourgogne - Centre

MapID: 774 GPS Topo 9 Pays de Loire - Poitou Charentes

MapID: 775 GPS Topo 10 Nord Picardie Champagne Ardennes

MapID: 776 GPS Topo 11 Outre Mer

MapID: 779 Friluftskartan Pro - Norra Norrland

MapID: 791 Garmin Czech republic TOPO 50 v3.1

MapID: 795 Topo Czech v1.20

MapID: 796 Friluftskartan PRO - Södra och Mellersta Norrland

MapID: 797 Friluftskartan PRO - Svealand

MapID: 798 Friluftskartan Pro - Götaland

MapID: 800 GPMapa 4.0 Polska

MapID: 801 GPMapa 2007.1

MapID: 802 MapSource Topo Nederland

MapID: 821 Auto_Drive_Hellas v1.3 - Greece- eng

MapID: 822 Auto_Drive_Hellas v1.3 - Greece- gr

MapID: 824 GPS Topo 7 Massif Central

MapID: 830 Iceland GPS Kort 3.5

MapID: 831 Iceland GPS Kort DEM (3.0)

MapID: 836 GPMapa 5.0 Polska

MapID: 844 Topo Slovenija 1.1 or AdriaTopo v2.01


MapID: 848 NAVcity Turkey 2007.10

MapID: 848 NAVcity Turkey 2008.04

MapID: 848 NAVcity Turkey 2008.07

MapID: 857 Lietuva TOPO v1.0*

MapID: 866 TopoGuide Hungary 2.1

MapID: 880 Datatrak Malta / GOzo

MapID: 900 Travel Guide of Europe

MapID: 928 AdriaTOPO v1.* or v2.0

MapID: 929 SCG Route v1.* (Serbija,Crna Gora)

MapID: 931 RO.A.D 2006 (Romunija)

MapID: 933 Ukraine v3.66 eng

MapID: 934 Ukraine v 3.3

MapID: 962 Italy Topo 20m v1.0

MapID: 1086 Trekmap Dolomiti

MapID: 1088 Garmin Land Navigator Italia

MapID: 1102 Topo Spain Península Norte

MapID: 1103 Topo Spain Península Sur

MapID: 1104 Topo Spain Islas

MapID: 1105 TOPO Hispania

MapID: 1120 Russia with Routing 4.01

MapID: 1121 Roads of Russia v5.0*

MapID: 1142 AERO CZ_SK_H v6.5

MapID: 1143 AERO TOPO CZ/SK/H v6.5

MapID: 1144 SPEC TOPO CZ v6.5

MapID: 1147 Southern Africa Streetmaps, Topo & Rec v1.5

MapID: 1164 GPmapa 2007.03

MapID: 1184 GPmapa 2007.02

MapID: 1320 - GPMapa 2008.1

MapID: 1390 Topo Czech v2

MapID: 1391 Topo Czech v2 PRO

MapID: 2007 Belorussia v1.0*

MapID: 5028 OFRM Bulgaria v4.40

MapID: 5036 Mexico GPSAtlas V1.2

MapID: 378 City Navigator Europe NT 2009

MapID: 379 City Navigator Europe 2009

MapID: 397 City Navigator Europe NT 2009.1

MapID: 397 City Navigator Europe NT 2009.11

City Navigator® North America NT 2010 NT MAPID:450

City Navigator Mexico NT 2010.10 MapID:403

City Navigator Brazil NT 2010.10 MapID:404

Garmin City Navigator Middle East NT 2010. MapID:445

Garmin Europe NT 2010.10 Map ID 449

City Navigator Russia NT 2010.10 MapID: 405

City Navigator North America NT 2010.20 MapID: 2005

City Navigator Australia & New Zealand NT 2010.10 MapID: 2006

Tested by me, 100% working!

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