What is my Ratio?

There is no Ratio system on KickAssTorrents. We do not record Download and Upload stats. It is useless at KickAssTorrents as we are a public site.

... but anyway, since so many people want to know ...
The Ratio is the amount that you have Uploaded divided by the amount you have Downloaded. (In general, you should try to keep this ratio > 1.) This is very important on some sites. On some sites, if you don't upload enough, you will lose your downloading privileges.

One of the many great things about KAT is that there are no rules about ratios.

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FAQ: What is my Ratio?

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Anomolous26.43K • 07 May 2015, 08:05
It's a question that people have.
SimianLine390 • 06 May 2015, 20:28
Why you write about Ratio?
nonguru17 • 09 May 2015, 16:29
its like thevault.bz and others private tracker site that use ratio
Starchild439 • 18 May 2015, 05:17
translated:I can not download I was just registered

IF the download button is not working you can use 'magnet link' to download a torrent & make sure you have a torrent client installed!

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GodAndUlster10.07K • 04 Oct 2015, 00:30 Show comment
i know it not gonna happen but there plenty of hit and run about and with ratio these hit and run will stop if there in there danger zone.....
Anomolous26.43K • 04 Oct 2015, 06:35 Show comment
What you say's true, but it's a complicated dynamic. When people have to calculate how each download is going to affect their ratio, then they become much more selective about what they download -- so lots of torrents will never develop a healthy swarm. Also, of course, it would totally change the tone of the site. The current system is very friendly to downloaders. I'm sure that's a big factor in KAT's popularity. You're right though, it's tough for uploaders. I don't know if you upload to other sites, but that always breathes fresh life into tired old torrents. Ah, another thing. Keeping track of ratios isn't so easy. It is only really practical on a private site. It requires a lot more work on the part of the members and puts a big strain on the servers. It would require running our own tracker ... which just creates another attack point. I think there's no way we could do what we aim to do here with a ratio system.

Thanks for speaking your mind.

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fuecas874 • 03 Oct 2015, 15:37 Show comment
What's ratio? Que es el ratio?
Anomolous26.43K • 04 Oct 2015, 06:28 Show comment
Si prefieres, puedes visualizar KAT en español.
FAQ: ¿Cómo puedo cambiar el idioma del sitio?

cgzeus23 • 18 Sep 2015, 01:09 Show comment
Ok gracias por la explicacion
Anomolous26.43K • 18 Sep 2015, 16:36 Show comment
de nada amigo.

bluenessie15 • 04 Sep 2015, 22:51 Show comment
So happy to come to a site where I am not penalized for having great tastes
imsupercool94 • 01 Sep 2015, 04:07 Show comment
KeiGR986 • 31 Aug 2015, 11:22 Show comment
KAT doesn't track .... thump_up
Hawk.071293 • 30 Aug 2015, 21:48 Show comment
Thank you for the clarification
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