What is my Ratio?

There is no Ratio system on KickAssTorrents. We do not record Download and Upload stats. It is useless at KickAssTorrents as we are a public site.

... but anyway, since so many people want to know ...
The Ratio is the amount that you have Uploaded divided by the amount you have Downloaded. (In general, you should try to keep this ratio > 1.) This is very important on some sites. On some sites, if you don't upload enough, you will lose your downloading privileges.

One of the many great things about KAT is that there are no rules about ratios.

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FAQ: What is my Ratio?

Top Comments

Anomolous22.53K • 07 May 2015, 08:05
It's a question that people have.
SimianLine317 • 06 May 2015, 20:28
Why you write about Ratio?
nonguru25 • 09 May 2015, 16:29
its like thevault.bz and others private tracker site that use ratio

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GunjanDas293 • 27 Aug 2015, 17:20 (2 hours ago) Show comment
There is no need to start Ratio system.
Merouane20012 • 22 Aug 2015, 17:07 Show comment
Why you write about ratio ?
krimo_elbahri1134 • 13 Aug 2015, 21:36 Show comment
this is very nice :)
saifsmailbox1364 • 11 Aug 2015, 15:56 Show comment
How do they track my upload/download ratio?
Anomolous22.53K • 12 Aug 2015, 00:33 Show comment
KAT doesn't track your ratio. biggrin

Deevious11.22K • 08 Aug 2015, 23:08 Show comment
Can website even track the ratio unless they do it through the tracker itself?
Anomolous22.53K • 12 Aug 2015, 00:32 Show comment
Some sites give some sort of ratio info without a personally identifiable tracker, but it's understood to be inaccurate. Demonoid used to.

Private sites with strict ratio policies require your torrent to be made as a private torrent (no DHT or PEX) and each member has their own personal identification info as part of the tracker. Even that's not foolproof.

samikapanen65 • 06 Aug 2015, 03:49 Show comment
My question is, what is my ratio. As in WHAT is my ratio. I cannot find it anywhere. i want to make sure I maintain at least 2/1 seed/leech but do not see my ration stated anywhere. Thanks!
Anomolous22.53K • 06 Aug 2015, 12:24 Show comment
You client will show you your ratio for each individual torrent you are seeding -- and maybe somewhere in there you can also see your overall, global ratio (depends on the client).

But since KAT doesn't keep track of that, KAT can't tell you your ratio. It doesn't matter here.

ad4885 • 03 Aug 2015, 16:15 Show comment
I am from Czech,there is tracker.cztorrent.net,and there i must wait 7-14 days (based on ratio 0.7-1.4),if i pay,i dont must wait unless i have ratio bigger than 0.2 (else i must wait max 7 days)...
Anomolous22.53K • 03 Aug 2015, 19:04 Show comment
Nothing like that here.
Private sites can be a pain.

vikasgabbu95 • 02 Aug 2015, 11:58 Show comment
i have no idea about ratio ..? dizzy
Anomolous22.53K • 02 Aug 2015, 12:16 Show comment
If the FAQ doesn't make sense to you, please say what's confusing and we will try to clear it up.

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