Once you rate a Torrent can you change the rating?

Note: This only applies to Torrent ratings -- not to ratings of comments, ideas, Community posts, etc... At this time, it is not possible to change those.

It is always better to think about what feedback to give to a torrent before giving a rating in haste that you need to correct later.

Leave honest and clearly understood comments as text when giving Torrent Feedback, of course you can also thank the uploader/capper for their work. And then click the Thumbs Up icon.

If the torrent did not work in some way before you just click the Thumbs Down consider if there is something else that you needed to make the torrent work correctly. It is both good manners and common sense to give a reason why you have given a bad rating. This can help you directly as others may contact you with a 'cure' to the problem you have.

Thumbs Down is not for situations where you do not like the actor, TV Show or other erroneous reason based on religious or nationalistic motives. These cases are always reported and we will seek to correct such Reputation Abuse.

The Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down icons work a bit like a room-light-switch, if by accident you tap on the Thumbs Down when you meant to click Thumbs Up: just click on Thumbs Down again to "take off" the bad rating. Much like the light switch turns the lamp on and off when pressed again, then click Thumbs Up.

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FAQ: Once you rate a Torrent can you change the rating?

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Link for rep abuse is broken for me think
What should i do if i suddenly downrate a comment? When i visiting KAT from mobile it usually happens sad
That happens to everyone sometimes.
To be polite and avoid misunderstandings, just send a simple PM to the person that you downvoted explaining. You could also put a reply comment saying "Sorry, I downvoted by accident". Then everyone will understand.

Don't you think it'd be much easier if it was changeable..
O_o ?!
It is changeable. That's the point of this FAQ.
Unless you mean non-torrent ratings, in which case I agree with you.

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