El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

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  • Original run: 03 March 2007 — 13 September 2008
  • IMDb link: 0805837
  • Summary:
    Based on true events, tells the existence of an educational program of dubious legality to which they are subjected five troubled teens, with the consent of their parents, but they do not know the extent of measures taken to reeducate The miniseries, consisting of Broadcast successive two chapters, tells the story of five troubled youth who are recruited into an abandoned under the supervision of three tutors that require them to comply with a tough regimen of work and exploitation farm. The only aim of these youth will escape their particular Guantanamo for youth.
    Written by DTW7950
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Season 01

Episode 18 The Good the Bad and the Tigre
Friday, Jan 25 2008
Episode 17 The Cactus Kid; A Mother's Glove
Friday, Nov 9 2007
Episode 16 Burritos Little Helper/Crouching Tigre, Hidden Dragon
Friday, Nov 2 2007
Episode 15 The Grave Escape
Friday, Oct 19 2007
Episode 14 Clash of the Titan; Eye Carumba
Friday, Oct 12 2007
Episode 13 Miracle City Undercover; The Bride of Puma Loco
Friday, Oct 5 2007
Episode 12 The Ballad of Frida Suarez; Fool Speed Ahead
Friday, Sep 28 2007
Episode 11 Curse of the Albino Burrito; La Tigresa
Friday, Sep 21 2007
Episode 10 Yellow Pantera/Rising Son
Saturday, Jun 16 2007
Episode 09 Miracle City Worker/Dia De Los Malos
Saturday, May 12 2007
Episode 08 Secret Stache/Puma Licito
Saturday, May 5 2007
Episode 07 The Late Manny Rivera/Party Monsters
Saturday, Apr 21 2007
Episode 06 The Mother of All Tigres/Old Money
Saturday, Apr 7 2007
Episode 05 Zebra Donkey/Adios Amigos
Saturday, Mar 17 2007
Episode 04 Fool's Goal/El Tigre El Jefe
Saturday, Mar 10 2007
Episode 03 A Fistful of Collars; Night of the Living Guacamole
Saturday, Mar 3 2007
Episode 02 Sole of a Hero; Enter the Cuervo
Saturday, Mar 3 2007
Episode 01 Night of the Living Guacamole
Monday, Feb 19 2007
Episode 00 Enter the Cuervo; A Fistful of Collars

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