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good heads up mate all you gamers should be reading this ,thanx steveosafc73.47K smilethump_upthump_up
not from kat they are 7 years old and are not seeded and to big for me maybe a member can help out with some better files

after a search none on kat or anywhere try a request mate
thLullaby31.8K indexed file mate no reseed but the uploader is here maybe a pm will work it does have seeds just big file
Alamrock1213 heres your uploader maybe drop a pm and i have requested a reseed good luck

i sent a pm to the uploader he may have to reup that file at 96.3%
ok mate if he said that he does not have the file any more can you repost the link or pm it to me i will do my best

ok i have the file and could not fine a better one i will try to download it
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