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Scorpa guy talks like an English gentleman !
their opinions mildreth and Utred arent really different as you say they both believe in supernatural deities or deity, although Uhtred has more faith in his own marshal capabilities, You have the benefit of access to thousands of years learning (standing on the backs of giants) as well as modern media and internet to try and form your own ideas about the world and even with all this at our disposal some people still believe the earth is 6,000 years old and their is no such thing as evolution.I am just saying ofcourse they would accept their religious teachings as fact even if they are not real facts because of their limited understanding of the world.
yes but you can't judge the anglo saxons from a modern viewpoint they had no knowledge of how the natural world worked physics and astronomy were totally basic so all events were seen as gifts or punishments from the one god or the pagan gods depending on which society you belonged too.
he reminds me of Orlando bloom essentially a pretty boy but i suppose the creators have to have an eye on attracting the female audience to watch.
the cliffhanger at the end of the episode was kinda spoiled by next weeks trailer haha was a good episode just sad its nearly the series over :(
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