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all official KAT links are listed here >>>
any other links are to be considered as fake !
ok thank you .
use the free version, or ccleaner or another type of app. plenty of options.

What is the best Anti Malware after Malwarebyte?

why not just use the free version of Malwaerbytes ?
and no more problems with black lists .
Windows 10 subscriptions aren't happening. Here's why

ok i just ran across this article >>>
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Windows 10 vs Win 7  go to this post
I tried Windows 10 for a while and didn't like it, ended up rolling back to Windows 7. People should keep in mind Windows 10 is not free. There will come a point when MS starts charging for the various versions of Windows 10, depending on which version you have. It is in the fine print.

perhaps you should read this >>>
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presently not seeing this issue with Chrome .
but yes this does occasionally pop up .
each time it does get resolved .
ok thank you .
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