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ok , ... i normally don't find good useful information in spam-n-advertising .
but i want to thank MAS23.57K for this great piece of information .
below i've done an edit of his tutorial >>>

I'm writing this tutorial based on two common problems of KAT (torrent)users...,
The aim of this tutorial is to help users with movie downloading...,
(Requested by One of my Best KAT Friends)
Problem No.-1: I've seen many users saying, that they aren't getting good speed when downloading torrents(with torrent client);
but they normally get a better speed when downloading files from cloud or file hosts (with download manager).
We all know the reason, ISPs limiting their udp traffic.
In some cases the situation is worst, as their ISPs just block total bittorrent/udp traffic...,
This tutorial will help them to download torrents in a different way and f**k those ISPs.
Problem No.-2: You've a low speed internet connection,
it takes long time to download torrents.
You have to download torrents one by one and have to keep your PC turn on for this huge amount of time.
The situation becomes worse, when you try to download a torrent from low speed seeders or torrent with few seeds.
It may take a day to week depending on the file size.
It usually happens that when the seeder are online, you go offline and when you're online seeders go offline.
This is my personal experience, with a low speed internet connection downloading torrents is like a nightmare.
Actually Bittorrent protocol is designed for high-speed and unlimited bandwith users,
because you not only download torrents but also upload them.
Bonus Part(Downloading other file types):
KAT is an ultimate source of different types contents.
How can we satisfy with just Movies!!!?
No, it's not possible for a KAT user...,
So, we can use FILESTREAM.ME another torrent leaching site to download other types of torrents...,
First register an account from this link...,>>>Filestream Registration Link
After completing registration, log in with your log in details...,
To upload torrent files, you have to copy magnet link of your desired torrent from KAT and paste it to Filestream (see image).
You can also use .torrent files...,click "upload file" option and select your desired .torrent file from your local storage...,
Filestream will start leaching...,and will show the leaching progress.
As soon as filestream finish leaching, you can start downloading with your download manager.
Filestream offers you to download files in a zipped folder if file number is more than one, you can choose secure servers too...,for better speed choose normal server.
Limitations: Free users can only add torrent files up to 1GB and can only add two files at a time for leaching. After 3 days your files will be deleted.
In my opinion, Filestream is a good choice to download TV shows under 1GB, I mean TV shows from KAT VULs; like, ettv,EZTV etc...,

as described by MAS23.57K .
i'm one of those KAT users with a horribly slow ISP connection .
slower still when using P2P .
and if it can be possible ?
even more slower when using P2P through a VPN .
any download even close to 1gb .
will take one and usually 2 days .
i came across this thread about 2 weeks ago .
i got a filestream account .
always register with a fake username and email address .
after using filestream for the past 2 weeks .
i have been able to download the average movie in about 4 hours .
compared to a minimum of 12 hours .
when i use P2P .
filestream claims that when downloading using their service .
your IP will have complete anonymity .
with no interceptions .
so i'm testing whether that claim is true or not ?
i got 3 copyright letters back in 2011 .
before the 6-strikes rule was put in place .
2 weeks is to short of a time frame to draw any conclusion , ... yet .
so everyone keep your guard up .
but so far , i really like this service .
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