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Breath of Fire series - It should've been animated, everyone loves this old school RPG game and it has many fans around the world.( I am no talking about BoF 5 it was a big failure)
The game intros had an anime-like feature than has never actually been any attempts to animate the series. Bof 4 is a good example. The game ended badly due to low sales in Japan due to BoF 5. One of the best RPG games so far.
There are many games that should've been animated but yet, no one is taking the lead.

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DragonBall - I know a lot have been posted for this worldwide famous animation but common now. I am not satisfied as a viewer and fan of the series. Goku did not die when Shenron comes to pick him up and shows himself on his great-great grandson to actually assist him and his friends at the episode" Hero's legacy".
They could continue the series with Goku Jr. . He is not a full-blooded sayan and he is rather weak than all the others. They could've made a story on him and maybe visiting his grandpa Goku as the anime continues. But no, Akira had to participate on Blue Dragon that actually sucks... It is the same as many other animes e.x Bagugan and all these crap...
I recently finished "Eureka 7", "DragonBall, DragonBall Z" and now I started Pokemon from season 1.
Eureka 7 overall was a nice anime however I hated the way the characters were acting and the end was kind of cold for my likes... However it has its sweet&funny moments.
DragonBall series are my favorite animes so i cannot stop watching them over and over again. Best story, cool characters, action, adventure. It has everything the new animations lack.
I would suggest that you should watch ongoing anime like
Naruto Shippuden
One Piece
and Full Metal Alchemist
and last but not least, Dragon Ball from the beggining of course :) Dragonball should be your first step into the anime world because for me it's the king of animes so far too bad it ended.
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