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people i couldnt have contained the immense feeling of joy and satisfaction for even a moment after watching the movie 'About Time'..that is why i am posting this right away..this movie is the best one i've seen in years..11/10 rating from me..
RIP Paul Walker..the series wont be the same again ever..sad
Life aint fair..
I expected 'White House Down' to have almost the same kind of action as in 'Olympus Has Fallen'..sadly not even a quarter of dont quite have a good dont the gravity of the situation at times..poor dialogues..i m just expressing myself.. no offence to those who liked this movie..i give it a 5/10
Just watched the classic "Lock Stock And 2 Smoking Barrels" and its just twist after twist after twist..extremely grippin plot and hilarious needless to say..i can only repeat what millions hav already said.."CLASSIC!"
the last film i watched is 'Warm Bodies'..its a really good one of kind zombie movie..really good plot, and real good acting for a of a kind defines i give it a 10/10..
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