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Looks like the whole crew is here...chuckle
Any more entrants for the Valentines Day poll...we need more entrants.
I would enter...But I can not post what I would do with the rose...tmi
This thread consists of an international bunch of mates...all different time zones, some are in Tomorrow already...while I am stuck in Yesterday...facepalm
Currently it is 2:45pm MST in the great country of Canada thump_up
oops...should have a mitten on that hand!
There's loads of fun to be had...and after that..we eat it!!!
O, and i chose option 4-- Whipped cream and strawberries
The reason: For me this makes my imagination go wild..That's why i choose this optionloveliness. The other choices are either to corny for me or a bit to much...this gives us "options" ... and most likely an evening of fun and games

katja19762039 comment will be entered into the contest.
Thank you.
Some one asked what are the 2 achievements no one has been awarded yet...298/300
Well...299 will be 2016: Torrents Day

I voted for: 4. A can of whipped cream and strawberries

The reason is I like snow capped mountains with red jacketed skiers on top.
Then we have an avalanche of snow that falls all the way to the base of her shortcake where another skier has been trapped.
Your mission should you accept it is to __________ (fill in the blanks).

Comment entered into our Valentines poll :)
This is what happens when a perfectly good suggestion is used partially. smirk
Okay, let's start the ball rolling, I've voted for the 4th entry. wait

Here's my reasoning 4 my choice:
Option.4 (A can of whipped cream and strawberries) is the most economical option, which is perfectly balanced between mushy & kinky ways to have some "hands-on" fun on Valentine's Day.

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Hiya everyone! I am proud to say for my 100th achievement, I reached 10K. Thanks to everyone who already posted on my wall. Now just waiting for the cheevo "got 100 achievements"

Congratulations Forestheart10.21K ...The first 10,000 reps are the toughest. Next you can sail on to the 50K chevo...50,000 reps!
plus don`t forget the 10,000 comments `chevo.

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Question - How would the members like to set up a poll where members could win reps.
Valentines Day is coming up on the 14th..inlove
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PinoyBigNose109 ...I hope you do not mind, I have copied/pasted one of your signature flags. It will be posted at the top page.
For other members who want to share/use the gif in their signatures.
Thank you very much...chuckle
gandang gabi medinoia...the winds are blowing at 85K and it is rain in site lol
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