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TED, a few laughs in it but not as funny as what i expected it to be dizzyall the good parts of TED i'd seen on the adverts and trailers!
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How did you find KAT?  go to this post
for many years i was with dididave and then i got fed up with it, i noticed KAT loads of times on but only joined here after i left dididave, ive been using kat for ages now but i only signed up a few months ago :) and now im here for as long as i can be :)
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I've got a blackberry curve 9360 and a blackberry storm .. Both equaly as sh*t as eachother, the only good thing about them is web brosing and email,
I did have an iphone 3gs but I sold it because the battery was sh*t, and now I'm stuck with the sh*tberrys, and the batterylife is just as sh*t!
Every things sh*t!

No cussing in the forums, realand!
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