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1.Create the torrent

*Note: Before creating the torrent it is recommendable that you write-protect the file or folder you wish to share with others. To do so, right click on the file or folder -> click on "Properties" -> check the box "Read only" -> click on "Apply".

Open Vuze.

Click on "File" and then click on "New torrent" (alternatively, press CTRL + N as a shortcut) (see screenshot 1 below)


The "Make a torrent" wizard will then be prompted. The first window is "Tracker/Mode" (See screenshot 2 below)

The option "Use an external tracker" (See 1 in screenshot 2 below) is checked by default; leave it as it is and copy/paste the following tracker in "Announce URL" --->>

Depending on whether you are sharing a single file or a folder, select either "Single file" or "Directory". I have selected the latter in my example.

Finally click on "Next".


We now advance to the "Directory" window (See screenshot 3 below)

Browse to your directory (or file if that's your case) and select it. Alternatively, you can drag'n'drop the file or directory onto the Wizard. When done click on "Next".


We now progress to the "Torrent File" window (See screenshot 4 below)

Check the option "Open the torrent for seeding when done" (see 2 in screenshot 4 below).

Do not tick the "Private torrent" box; it would disable DHT and Peer Exchange.

The option "Allow decentralized tracking when tracker is unavailable" should be checked by default --make sure this box is ticked so that DHT is enabled.


Finally, click on "Finish".

We are now in the "Creating torrent file" window (see screenshot 5 below).

You can see how Vuze is gradually hashing the torrent as showed in 3 from screenshot 5 below (the sequence is "hashing files", "saving file", and "file saved").


Finally, click on "Close". Your torrent is added to the queue in Azureus/Vuze and you are seeding it from now on.

2. Superseeding.

The next step is optional, Super-seeding (aka Initial Seeding).
Use this function only when you are the sole seeder, to release a torrent but never to seed files which have several seeders. I recommend the use of Super Seeding for rather medium to big files. Find more info on Super-seeding here.

If you want to enable Super-seeding in Azureus/Vuze, go to "Options" -> "Queue" -> and check the box "User Super Seeding" (see 4 in screenshot 6 below).


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