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  What Vpn do you use ?  go to this post
liquidvpn are a brilliant provider, you get access to several servers and can select a different encryption level at every connection, PPTP, OvenVPN and L2TP, it comes with it's on own version of the easy to use and very stable Viscosity VPN software and supports multiple simultaneous connections (2 on the cheapest package). Speeds are pretty decent if you use it for torrenting and the up time of their service is impressive, great for us non US based people who want seamless access to US Netflix and other US only servicesbiggrin.
Hannibal the TV show, looks to be gearing up to be an awesome new show, lots of potential and a cool retelling of the story line :).
Dredd, I really enjoyed it, Lena Headey as crazy boss person was quality, and they kept the cheesyness to a minimum, deffo recommend this movie biggrin.
Welcome to KAT Demonoid users, I hope you all enjoy your stay here, just watch out for Horrorhound51.26K and wrong user link, they do bite, but not hard and not for too long tittertittertongue.
This codec pack will install all the codecs you need to play most formats well on windows media player wink.
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  Which Smartphone do you have?  go to this post
Samsung Galaxy Ace with Gingerbread Android 2.3.3, going to install the new cyanogenmod-7-2 soon biggrinbiggrin.
Welcome to kat Demonoid users, I hope you all will enjoy your stay here, if you need assistance anything we are happy to help smilewink
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