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Things money can buy : Time, Love, Health

*that one is from me
back to the future 1
amazing movie, currently downloading the 2nd opus
10/10, i highly recommand, it didn't aged a bit !
For the watch ! finger
i'm so glad Rob died, he was getting really boring
Chappie (2015)

When i first saw the trailer, i said geez, this is gonna be like the movie of the year !
But then, i was disappointed that the movie wasn't shown in the thaters in my city, and that surprised me. None of my friends has ever heard of this movie... and i also completely forgot about it until i saw it on popcorn time. So i watched it today and i was like wow, this is the movie of the year, i love it!
this movie is special in many ways, exactly my type of movie. I recommand it.
MaƮtre Gimms - Est-ce que tu m'aimes
This is not the kind of song i want people to know i'm listening to lool, but it's ok, i'm anonymous here lollol
Mad Max, Fury Road
After i got out of the theater i had the feeling that the whole movie had just one single scene, the trip to the Green Lands, i know it's the concept of this movie, but i didn't really like it.
I was also disappointed to see a Miley Cyrus looking Charlize Theron (most beautiful woman ever imo).
5/10, not my type of movie at all.
Jupiter ascending
I heard extremely negative reviews, but i thought hey people don't understand the wachowksy brothers' work so it's normal...
but it turns out they were right, I hated every part of it.
I have been betrayed by the wachowsky brothers, so i give it a 0/10, didn't even have the courage to watch it till the end...
Percy Jackson and the sea of monters
When i was younger i was a great fan of the Harry potter series and i was sad when it was over so anything that comes cose to it and reminds me of harry potter is greatly enjoyable, so i like this movie, even if this is a kid movie. 7/10
The departed
Loved it from the very start to the unfortunate ending

10/10 is the minimum score one can give to this movie, really, a fantastic movie that i need to watch for the tenth time smile
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