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Torrent: The Flash S02E23 720p HDTV x265 HEVC 200MB - ShAaNiG
its going to be flashpoint
Finale was awesome till the last scene where i started screaming "Nooooooo"
Even Backblaze marked Seagate as worst drive for its high failure rate.
Life expectancy of an HDD is defined by the number of reads and writes it can withstand before breaking down.
Seagate HDD has high failure rates and cannot withstand high read's and write's (Personal experience)
WD RED & RED Pro is best for NAS systems which can run 24/7
WD Black will withstand higher read and write than other hdd at the price range while delivering SSD like performance with that 10K rpm
WD Re has the highest read's and write's ~2.75 PB you can get in market but expensive.

Lets come to External HDD now

As we can see from WD's wide range of high quality hdd and referring to reviews based on External HDD currently available, you can be sure to take WD for more life expectancy.

Who cares about government.
Proxy, vpn, tunneling.... and the list goes on.

Pirates live forever
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