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Nobody could curl a note like the Mighty Merle.. I grew up on his stuff and still listen to His songs today.. You have earned your Silver Wings... RIP Brother and thanks for the songs
Whatever, if you want to get what's going on you either back it up or stop watching...
This is one of the TV shows I watch on a regular basis.. Johnny Lee Miller, the guy who plays Sherlock is sometimes hard to understand, mostly because He talks fast and low sometimes. He used to be on another TV series 7-8 years ago called Eli Stone but he played an American attorney so for me his accent then was easy to understand. I have always had trouble with British accents, but because I get all my shows off KAT torrents I can rewind as much as I want.lollol
all my technical skills and im being killed by not having enough money :(

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Did your 12 year old enjoy all the murder and violence and sex scenes? This is an R rated movie.. gotta question parenting skills here..
Best Movie I have seen in a long time.. Funny, action packed, good storyline...

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Thanks for the update.. mine cleared up a few days ago.. Wouldn't it be nice if you could post a FYI message like this one and it didn't bring out all these dumbass remarks about everything people are having an issue with that has NOTHING to do with the topic of this blog?!?! Jeez, seriously people, this was an information blog, not an invite for all your personal problems.... fubarfacepalm
Clearing your page is easy, has nothing to do with the topic of this blog "If you don't know you better axe somebody"lollol
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