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  Female users..please read :)  go to this post
hi guys :) just a reminder about the importance of this thread no trolling and stay on topic or your comments will get deleted without any warning, and a thanks to you guys who keep bumping it so new users can see it,job well done and also thanks to the ones who report the idiotic users,so wishing you a happy safe surfing day from us all here in the UK
Can someone explain to me this
Almost all my torrents are dumped then how did I get it????
I want my vul backcrycrycry

WTF?How you get this??? tittertittertitter
BTW Why you post here, shhh delete the post and enjoy the status piratetitter

My guess is he's got integrity and enough vision to see the futility in this exercise. BTW, he is far from the only EUL who does not meet whats seems to be the requirments. Maybe we need an Elite Dumper class too....
My questions are, how about we just make the EUL for quality uploaders. Have you considered a special tag or allowing source providers a Title along with their status, since you decided this was worthy of some extra recognition?

my mistake me lovie i did say to you that i would sort it all back and it might have been a mistake on my part an thats exactly what ive done you have been set back to wat it was before elite for you my friend sorry about that
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