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provoked? now i'm the one who is becoming amused. on a side note, i wish this homeless man would stop staring in my office window. he is not coming inside.

Maybe he's a relative?
I'm sure we could keep this thread good-natured if we try.

I agree. But when provoked you can't expect that person to sit back and take it, but whatever. It's all good baby.
I definitely do not think I am God's gift, Nor am I here for your approval, nor do I care to make you happy.

Just the typical rant and arrogance that I would expect from someone like you really, and I never mentioned anything about approval so bite me.
Dude is name is Jamed9mm .. it cant be that.. well. xD

Not really bothered what he's saying to be honest, not that I'm getting offended or sulking but this guy came out of nowhere and in 3 months made SU, now he thinks he's God's gift.
Not interested one bit, cos he's not funny or amusing at all.
of course its what i mean lol. but regardless lol, in all seriousness, how'd you do it?

Long story. Just keep in mind that everything is possible and anything can happen, so we should all be careful what we do.
you should have switched hands halfway through. or gotten help from a friend.

If its what I think you mean then it's not even like that, but thanks for the advice.
I dislocated my right arm from the shoulder and have fractured ribs along my left side.
Just thought I'd share my inconvenience. sad
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