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Okay, when I go to upload my file it says wrong format/file size too big when it's under 3 MB

Any ideas what I can do here? I don't care at this point, so it's your loss that your image hosting site is crap
It seems this is unreasonably difficult for some members to upload an image on kat so I'll show you how.

click the image button:

Click Insert Image from the 2 choice drop down

You now get this pop up:

this allows you to search your pc that you are on for an image to upload to kat

This is what you press to make the image appear from your pc on kat.

Browse for the file that should be on your pc then click Open

Now click UPLOAD

the image will show as
in brackets on your description

Congrats you just uploaded a picture to kat.clap

Now to use full size screens open the pop up file selection page again, this:

now right click on the image you want as full screen:

click Open in New Tab

Now copy the link from the top bar starting with

come back to description and add img brackets to the link like so:

clap congrats you uploaded an image. Now that we have explained to you how to upload an image I hope to see more images being added properly to these torrents ;)

No thread just Report option i think.wink

no don't spam reports
Extra work, but that's okay. What will this rule improve/fix?

It will allow users to judge the content and not have to go offsite to do it.

This ^
Extra work, but that's okay. What will this rule improve/fix?

Make the descriptions not look so cluttered I'm assuming

and reduce the need for users to click popup adds away trying to find a screen of the video quality.
It's a make life easy for users.
Hiya kat members and uploaders!

As of today any uploaders who upload torrents with click link screens are required to add 2 actual screenshots to kat. These cannot be links but actual images set inside the description box of a torrent.

If the uploader doesn't do this we can remove your entire description including all links without notice.
This is us cleaning and tidying up kat to make it look a bit better.
This rule is now in effect as of 4/11/16.
We will try to regulate this rule as well as we can however we do have other responsibilities on kat to attend to.

This rule does not carry over to XXX torrents.Porn images are still only allowed in specific areas of kat.

Cheers all and thanks for helping us keep kat clean :)

Tutorial on how to add images to kat, very basic tutorial.
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Question to all the legal cannanoids out there:
Have you encountered any hate from jobs or bosses when you began or when it was first legalized? Like your boss stating "Anyone working here is not allowed to use the reefer no matter if it is legal now". Can you still be fired for medicating?

No. If it is a legal substance, they cannot fire you once you have it written up by a Doctor/Phamacist. You must produce a letter saying that you are allowed and must take the substance. They cannot fire you for something that is legal. I presume there are smoking areas in your place of employment?

Self Employed/student currently. I've seen some hate towards tobacco smokers and people trying to push them off of it. I expect the same to happen with weed once it's legal here, however I don't want extreme prejudice against medicinal patients using it. There is already enough race ethnic prejudice in the workplace don't want more added.
My family is pro medicinal use. They have seen it help ptsd and other things and from my friends in legal states who get an ounce of white rhino for $30 they agree it is a much better medicinal approach than ambien, paxil, prozac, trileptol, and thousands of dollars for other medications.
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