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good point and it will instantly confirm if the video card is working or indeed broken.

You could you use an external monitor/tv on the HDMI port yes

If you cracked the screen and connected a new one I would suggest you go to another guy and have him check the connection.....
I have replaced screens on mac laptops in the past and the connector is very sensitive. On the original factory machines they use a double tape to hold cables etc in a fixed position.
I soon discovered that any cable movement for the screen connector could cause issues as loss of signal.....
If your comfortable doing it your self just open the laptop and disconnect the screen and reset the connection. Gently tweak the cable to see if anything happens.

good suggestions, will try them out. thanks
on the L501x
I cracked the screen a while back. I ordered a new one and replaced it but it never worked after that. I brought it to a guy and he thought it was the graphics card that is gone and that its costly to repair - vis a vis the cost of a new laptop so I got a new laptop instead.
but occasionally both my wife and I work from home on the same day so need to have two working laptops.
The M1530 is ok, but runs on vista, no sound, fan on the heatsink is noisy and the font is small, (I cannot make it any bigger as a standard font size?)
Hence i thought that i could just switch the drive out L501x which runs win7, and all the other parts mentioned and plug it in.
Thanks as always for keeping me on the straight and narrow!
Hello my fellow Kat tech genius'
I would like to prod your brains if thats ok?

I have a dell XPS L501x that is kaputt on me.

I also have an older Dell XPS M1530, which works but has issues.

I was able to access the data from the harddisk on the L501x on a different laptop with a drive adaptor, so that to me suggests that the hard drive at least works.

So what I am thinking is harvesting parts from L501x for use in M1530:
Hard drive
Sound card (sound not working on M1530)
Using the additional RAM if its possible

Can anyone see any potential pitfalls or issues that I might have, would there be compatability issues?

Feel free to comment and advise.
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whats the code for youtube links? been that long since they were allowed i've forgotten!
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Poolside - Pacific Standard Time. MP3, non RAR if possible.
That would be deadly, thanks!
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mad men s07e13 & s07e14 no torrents on Kat taht I can find, any help would be great.
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