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Hands down the most bad ass anime I have ever watched is Gantz. Hardcore violence, sprinkled with sex and some foul language. A psychopathic 8th grader, and the whole show has a video game game feel to it. You will love it.

Well, if u liked gantz than just try berserk, it's even more violent, has also lots of blood and sex and, each 2 episodes or so, some girl is raped...
It's set in the middle age and main character is kinda psycho too...






replies: 819
views: 50300
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First of all, dubs suck, don't watch dubbed anime, watch it subbed, cuz it's waaay better!! :)

would recommend Hellsing above all other anime's. To me its just the best anime ever. There is 2 different versions of the anime. Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate. Same story just set up in a different way.

Hellsing Ultimate is more comedy and its got the best graphics

while Hellsing is more like the drama and action version.

go hellsing

Lol, how can u prefer Hellsing to hellsing ultimate, Hellsing Ultimate actually follows the manga while Hellsing doesn't... So, obviously, Hellsing sucks, while Hellsing ultimate rules!! ;)

Now, to which animes I would recommend, here's a list:

Tokko -> Recommended

Sekirei -> Recommended

Basilisk -> Recommended

Kenichi -> Recommended

Claymore -> Recommended

One Outs -> Recommended

Elfen Lied -> Recommended

Samurai 7 -> Recommended

Air Master -> Recommended

Blassreiter -> Recommended

Gundam 00 S1 -> Recommended

Gundam 00 S2 -> Recommended

Helsing Ultimate -> Recommended

Fate Stay Night -> Recommended

Linebarrels of Iron -> Recommended

Vampire Knight S1 -> Recommended

Vampire Knight S2 -> Recommended

Samurai Champloo -> Recommemded

Tales of the Abyss -> Recommended

Black Blood Brothers -> Recommended

Gantz -> Highly Recommended

Berserk -> Highly Recommended

Gungrave -> Highly Recommended

Blood Plus -> Highly Recommended

Samurai X -> Highly Recommended

Death Note -> Highly Recommended

Code Geass -> Highly Recommmended

Code Geass R2 -> Highly Recommended
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