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I had to delete 1 comment for flaming, and unfortunately, I had to delete the next two because you quoted the flamer's comment, which meant his comment still showed. My apologies to those who tried to defend Kat, and my thanx.
I'd like to make a request please, as I can't seem to find these myself. Jane Lindskold- The Firekeeper Saga. I have the first 4, I need #5 and #6
book 5: Wolf Hunting (2006)
book 6: Wolf's Blood (2007)
as e-books, not audio, preferably in .epub format if possible. Thanx!!

Solved by Itzy54.92K who sent me this PM:
Hey there smile

Your two books are in here:

If you're a reader, and don't know about, I would suggest you sign up. One of my favorite book sites, and where I got the link.

Enjoy! :)

Thanx Itzy54.92K !!
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