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Show Us Your Desktop! V1  go to this post
Dunno why I can't make it huge like everyone else but here it is.


Result will be
To make the pic huge make sure the img is in CAPITALS IMG /IMG
like so
These latest searches move to quick for me to screenshot, just now we had Miley Cyrus followed by Almost Legal lol
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Music Requests  go to this post
Looking for anything by the blues artist luke winslow king.
He has 2 albums Coming tide and Old/New Baby. Only place I can find anything is grooveshark and my downloaders no longer work there :/
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Your Job vs Your Talents  go to this post
Even though I say so myself I am very, very good at chatting up women & getting them to sleep with me.
Sex is never a problem for me & the girls love to see me licking my own eye brows.
Many women cannot keep pace with my huge sexual appetite & will often bring their girlfriends along to join us in bed.
My obvious choice of profession would be the porn industry but it doesn't really appeal to me as I'm too shy.
How do KAT users think I could utilise this darn asset of mine, career wise?

I think you should use your talent to become a politician. Your talent, obviously, being your ability to tell giant fibs lol
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Your Job vs Your Talents  go to this post
You're a lucky man. It is said find a career that you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life loveliness
I cant really comment, my talents are hidden even from me, but I enjoy watching movies, listening to music and reading. So unemployment seems a perfect fit. Now if I could only find someone willing to pay me to stay at home!
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Personal Hygiene Throg  go to this post
I think I was too rough when I met a spaceman this morning. I grabbed him by the helmet as you advised and gave a quick rub but I think I broke him - white goo shot out of his head and his whole body visibly deflated before my eyes !!!
Please advise further seeds, I am afraid I may have caused an interstellar incident cry
Hmmmm, reading the last seven pages or so it appears the qualification to be a super user is the ability to drag every thread into the gutter. I think you may be too sensible to be an SU wrong user link
They fall asleep halfway through waking up only to see the last ten minutes so the whole movie is ruined for a repeat viewing. Oh hang on - that's an annoying thing I do in movies.
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