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Time Lapse (2014) !?

Sorry not that movie :(
it older than that.
Excuse me,Can anyone tell me what movie this is ?
I can't remember the name of the movie.
there is a guy try to make the machine that can see the future and he saw he will be kill in
the future and after that his memories was erase.
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  Games Request  go to this post
Any chance that somebody can upload Silent Hill Home coming for PC please ? :)
Thank you in advance. biggrin
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Best Antivirus  go to this post
No Joke ,But for me myself is the best Anti virus :/
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I don't know why my post on the torrent keep deleting itself ? :(

You mean your description?

I mean when I comment on the another people torrent my post always got delete :(
I don't know why my post on the torrent keep deleting itself ? :(
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