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Crowbar - No Quarter (also learning to play it on Guitar)
Homeland Season 2
Leverage Season 1
The Following Season 1
Excellent collection 1337CHer1649 I would also like to check out Lost Society smile
Only the best Anthrax for you my friend, Bush was a revelation for Anthrax I was sad to see him go.
They can't stop us but they can make it difficult, I am thinking of moving to Amsterdam now.....until the ban affects them.
Ok my fellow Pirates I have found another way using Stealthy, I have had to adjust the settings so it connects via a Country, so on the drop down goto preferences & click the option that says Connect to Internet as if you were in the following country (select one) - The list changes according to proxies availability I then started to type Netherlands & selected the flag for NL & I have connected so much faster with no speed issues (unlike yesterday were logging in took me for ever & then was tetchy all friggin day) have a go my friends.
Dude I am so glad you told me about Stealthy a few weeks back, you are a Legend.
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