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Hi there!
I really want to re-download this file but there have been no seeders for a while. Can anyone help?? Thanks in advance!
Can someone please reseed this? It looks like it's been here for a while but there are no seeds to speak of. I'd really appreciate it! loveliness
Well, just tried this one and we'll see what happens. Seems pretty active actually. image
This says 17 seeds but there's really none. I've had it for weeks now and nothing's happening. image
Can someone please seed,
? I got it all the way to 81.4% and it's totally stuck. I'd be so thankful!! biggrin
Ooh shiny! :D
Unfortunately, I can only find them published as paperbacks, with no scanned pdf's found. Hopefully someone else will have a scanned copy for you.

Thank you for your effort anyway. It looks like I'll just have to bite the figurative bullet and buy the damned books! (*groan*)titter Just tryin' to pinch some pennies here, ya' know? Oh well. Thanks again. wink
Hi everyone!
I've searched everywhere and I have not been able to find a torrent of any kind for the 'Kitchen Aid' cook books. If there is one out there, ANY of the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer books will do. I just bought a new Artisan 5 qt (thank you very much! :) ) for my birthday and I wanted the books that went with it. I saw how much these books were going for and I about died! There are like 3-4 of them:
The Complete KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cookbook ISBN-10: 145083356X
KitchenAid Best-Loved Recipes ISBN-10: 1412799406
KitchenAid Baking Basics: Techniques for Perfect Baking ISBN-10: 1450800491
The KitchenAid Cookbook ISBN-10: 091197430X
These are the ones I'm most interested in but if you can find others, I'd love to have them! I would appreciate all the help you can give! Thanks in advance!! <3
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