What Are you eating right now?

iTorrentzHD182 User
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27 March 2011
basically just like the listening and reading posts all you have to do is answer. ill start off

Im eating a baguette :D
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g841089 Uploader
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23 June 2010
Fritter roll with red sauce! tongue
VladSam44.58K KAT Elite Mod
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15 January 2011
Xenomorph101.61K (3 years and 7 months ago)
Pain killers and Dr.Pepper funk
sending you puppy kisses to get you outta your funk and speed you towards feeling better!
little D9202 KAT Elite Staff
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19 February 2010
baked potato, fried eggplant, curry chicken.
oh, I am not pregnant, just have hungry kids.titter
TheShow14.52K Super User
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17 January 2011
If I told you what I was eating right now, I'd have to report myself to the mods! lol
Just kidding, a hamburger with the lot, and a serve of hot chips with chicken salt, quite nice actually. smile

chicken salt??
u17r4736 Uploader
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13 February 2012
vytas4237 Uploader
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13 June 2010
CoolBreeze876866 Uploader
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16 April 2011
p*ssy... jus sayin'.. LOL
B3XM4N6288 Uploader
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12 May 2010
Canadian Club and Cola - does that count as food? titter
ohyesitwill6898 Translator
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10 October 2011
I've never noticed that thread, but i love it :)
well, now i'm eating nutella with some bread
sj693008 Uploader
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31 July 2011
A Giant bucket of KFC tongue

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