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22 May 2011

This thread is specially for those users who don't have any idea about SeedBox. It's very brief and only to provide basic information about SeedBox!



SeedBox is not looks like a BOX! It only an online service. When you'll hire a SeedBox service, the service provider will provide an IP or a link and couple of User ID and Password for WebUI and FTP access.


WebUI Login:


UserID : xxxxxxx
Password : xxxxxx

FTP Login:


Port : 1234
UserID : xxxxxxx
Password : xxxxxx


Types of Server!

There are mainly 3 (three) types of server available,

1. Shared Server: [Good]

2. Semi Dedicated Server: [Better]

3. Dedicated Server: [Best]


How does it work?


At first you have to go to the WebUI link and Login with the UserID and Password provided by your SeedBox service provider. Then download ".torrent" file from a torrent site and add this ".torrent" file to your WebUI client.

When download will complete, You can't see the file in your PC, because it not downloaded in your PC. It stored into your FTP account, i.e. on the server of the service provider. You can see the downloaded file into your FTP account. Now, you again have to download the file from your FTP account to your PC. To download files from your FTP account, you will need a FTP client. You can try "FileZilla" which is free and very much user friendly.


There are two ways to create a ".torrent" file.
First : Where your SeedBox torrent client allow to create torrent on the server, and
Second : where your SeedBox don't allow you to create torrent on server.

So, when you going to avail a seedbox service, please make confirm, whether the WebUI or torrent client of your SeedBox service provider allows you to create torrent file on server or not. Not only that, if you need to add "Private Tracker" to your torrent, then make confirm whether service provider allows to add private tracker(s) or not.

If your SeedBox allow you to create torrent on server, then the creation of torrent is as usual as you create with your torrent client in your PC without a seedbox.

If your seedbox don't allow you to create torrent, then you have to create a ".torrent" file in your PC with the help of torrent client which you use to download torrents normally. Then add the ".torrent" file to your WebUI client and seed. When 100% seeding will done, upload the ".torrent" file to a torrent site.[http://www.kat.ph/torrents/upload/]

Hence, its not a matter, whether your PC is switch On/Off, SeedBox/server will continue the seeding task until it reaches the seeding ratio. Default seeding ratio of a file is 150, i.e. 1.5; but you can set this seeding ratio as per your own choice.

For example, 500, 1000, 5000 for 5 times, 10 times, 50 times and so on!

When you will seed your torrent to your WebUI client for the first time, you can see that the IP and port of WebUI client is different from you own original IP.

On the other hand, when you downloading a file, just add the ".torrent" file to your WebUI client. Then you may switch off your PC. Download task will continue until its get finished.


The features or matters will keep in the mind when you going to avail a SeedBox service.

At first you have to decide whats your needs. There are so many SeedBox service provider with different features. If you want to download different digital stuffs from different torrent sites, then you must have to look for the following features at first...

1. Port/connection speed [100 MBps/ 1GBps, etc.]

2. Hard Disk Space

3. No(s) of active torrent

4. Bandwidth/Usage

5. FTP/HTTP/SFTP/rsync access

6. VPN service

7. Floating/Multi IP

Note : Except above features, you can choose many more features as per your own needs.


Web-UI (Web User Interface) Client:

Web-UI client is a very important topic of a SeedBox. It depends upon your Operating System and Browser. So, when you going to avail a SeedBox service, please confirm which Web-UI client generally provides by your service provider. Here a list of most popular Web-UI clients.

1. rTorrent / ruTorrent are most popular Web-UI clients. These supports torrent creation on serverand its a linux client. ruTorrent is a web frontend for rtorrent designed to emulate the look and feel of ĀµTorrent WebUI so it's appearance is quite similar to the "parent". The name "RuTorrent" is the combination of ĀµTorrent and rTorrent.

2. Deluge is a cross platform, and doesnt support torrent creation on the server. Available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. But, in near future, v 1.4.0 may support Torrent creation. Screenshot

3. Transmission is another cross-platform BitTorrent client, but doesnt support torrent creation on server. It support Linux and Mac OS X; Screenshot

4. utorrent server does not support torrent creation. utorrent via VNC, does support torrent creation, although its more overhead than running rtorrent/rutorrent. UTorrent supports Windows, Mac & Linux; Screenshot


What will be download and upload speed?

Download/upload speed will be 10% to 12% (Maximum) of port speed. For example, if you avail a service with 100Mbps port speed, then your download/upload speed will be around (100*10%-12%) = 10Mb/s to 12Mb/s (Max);


I'm from Asia, can I avail a SeedBox service from a server located in Europe/America?

Of course, you can! There is no territorial limit to get/avail a SeedBox service. For example,

If a person resides in any country in Asia, can avail a SeedBox service from a server located in any country of Europe/America or anywhere. There is no territorial limit, but, always try to get the service from a nearby server.


Operating System Support : Windows, MAC, Linux/Unix etc.

There are different SeedBox service provider who provides services for different operating system. For this, your torrent client will differ according to your OS.


What are the payment options?

The payment options are allowed by the service provider it-self. Generally, all kind of online payment options are allowed by most of the service provider. If you don't have an option to pay online, don't worry. Few service provider allows to pay by a bank account on request basis, or for all customer of a country where online PayPal is temporarily blocked by the Govt.


List of SeedBox service provider:


Click on above link and choose a SeedBox as per your own preference. I hope, this will help you!


One more thing I would like to tell you that, there are so many service provider who provides custom services as per customers' needs. Where a customer can build up a seedbox with his/her own required features only. It will help to the users to avoid unnecessary payment for unnecessary features.


Technology is upgrading every moment. So, the technical features are mentioned in the above thread may differ in near future. If anybody found any difference, please don't make any argue. Just inform to any Mod or Staff. They will update this thread.

** Special Thanks to BoWL53.67K and wrong user link for assistance!
** If any one want to share any other important information, please tell me or any Mod, Staff.

Xenomorph101.6K KAT Elite Staff
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28 November 2010
Fantastic tutorial.Very detailed and informative.Outstanding work Max,Looking forward to seeing more from you bud.image
ShootEmUp136.67K KAT Elite Staff
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16 July 2011
Excellent! Thanks MaxWin. Clear, comprehensive and very, very helpful.
Simple_Logic15.91K Former Translator
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22 May 2011
Thanks Xenomorph101.6K and wrong user link, your comments really appreciate me to do my tutorial better!biggrin
MoonChild20.23K Super User
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21 October 2009
Perfect! Great Guide MaX. Must be pin.smile Thank you MaX.
SMOk354.35K 2nd President
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02 December 2009
A good tut and very informative. Thanks Max :)
KatStar52.04K User
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05 May 2011
good job Maxi.Well clarified.:)
Guitorrents951 Uploader
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29 May 2010
Great tutorial it make me clear wht is mean by seedBox thank you writer.biggrin
BudsandSuds49.29K KAT Elite Mod
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18 March 2010
GREAT JOB MaxWin and Boobsman!!!Explains everything you need to know before shopping for a seedbox.This will help a lot of people considering getting a seedbox.
BoWL53.67K KAT Elite Admin
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29 August 2009
pretty good tutorial, however, you didnt speak about seedbox clients. Thats very important. Rutorrent is the most popular and in my opinion the best. Its the most feature rich and low resources =D

Deluge comes in a close second but lacks torrent creation, so you'll have to use mktorrent via ssh to create torrents. Somebody not familiar with linux might have trouble with this.

Transmission is just a horrible interface to work with, and lacks many many features.

Utorrent server, isnt bad, just lacks torrent creation, and does crash now and then so you'll have to manually start it. Which isnt so bad, cause its pretty simple.

Utorrent via VNC, is just something i wouldn't do, but that's just me personally. Some really like to control a actual client remotely. I do not.(rutorrent ftw)

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