** IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!! ** The Thread

Mr.Black205.37K Site Administrator
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16 July 2011

I've had an idea, why not use this thread to tell us KAT community all about yourself....

1. What country your from
2. What you look like
3. How old you are
4. Occupation
5. Relationship status
6. Hobbies and interests

We see the same usernames and sigs most days let's give each other an idea what kind of life we live... Let's get to know each other a bit better!!!!
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Mr.Black205.37K Site Administrator
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16 July 2011
josecuervo1351 Uploader
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23 August 2011
1.blackwell, oklahoma, usa
2.5"8 215lbs.
4.manager at a hotel
5.married with 3 kids
6.video games, kat, tv don't get out much
Species105.05K KAT Elite Staff
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17 July 2011
ok will do it again
a sales assistant at poundland
2 i live in britan
3 single parent of a 6 year old who nows more then me on computers
4 if i can ever get the telly from the kid love horroes
5 brown curly hair mixed raced very cuddly an will share my soul an help anyonebiggrin
Smittech141.28K KAT Elite Mod
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08 June 2010
1. Florida,USA
2. Some say Ozzy, some say Jesusshocked,200 pounds, 5'11". long hair, scruffy
3. 57 and still kickin'(quit drugs and booze, started going to Church)
4. Truck driver for Goodwill Industries
5. single, again
6. Nascar,women,computers,bowling,women,lollol
Quelea249 Uploader
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23 January 2012
Great idea
To know who I am , please message me. I got a history on KAT (not very big, a little small actually, but hey!)
Because of legal stuff i dealt with things have to be like this :)
lordsatan4396 Uploader
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15 September 2011
1 nr mansfield england 2 ht 5ft9.wt 15 stone blue eyes brown hair 3 42 4 care worker 5 single got 1 child a girl 6 moter sports anime kat horror films sci-fi
Smittech141.28K KAT Elite Mod
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08 June 2010
I just went through all 20 pages of this thread to see if all the great people I have met here lately participated. biggrinLot of people missing.sad It is a good thread AfTeRLiFe came up with!biggrin Anybody else want to tell us something about yourself?Curiousshocked
stagknight207 Uploader
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22 February 2012
Age 47.
Location North Tyneside England.
Occupation retired actor due to disability.
Enjoy internet gaming and singing.

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Violatrix123 Uploader
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06 October 2011
Deeken_Kross455 Uploader
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29 December 2011
1. What country your from: America...Brooklyn , nyc
2. What you look like:
3. How old you are: 31
4. Occupation: unemployed
5. Relationship status: single
6. Hobbies and interests: Wrestling( Im a pro indy wrestler but am currently not taking any bookings), Magic the gathering, movies (especially horror mainly zombies)um computers and learning about them, Making new friends who are sick f*cks like, and music mainly metal but open to just about all........... I am an open book feel free to ask if you have any more questions

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