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26 January 2011
in an effort to cure my own boredom i came up with an idea, im going to post a picture to which you all have to provide a funny caption to go with it, i will post them at random so be ready!
please dont post your own pictures or it will become a free for all and possibly just consist of equine content... you know who you are :P

people with permission to post new pictures


please only quote/post the pictures that i post or have asked people to post. i dont want this thread becoming a free for all, cheers :)

If you have more than one caption keep it in 1 post

R.I.P Unionjack_Laughing Fox694 you will be missed

if you have a comment deleted its because im cleaning the thread, captions only please!

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Stargazer101103.81K Forum Moderator
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20 April 2012
Latest winter design in bank robber gear straight from paris.
UltraRound96.28K KAT Elite Mod
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12 May 2010
Dont think you can pull the wool over my eyes!!!
arkim441196 Uploader
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17 March 2012
Snake-eyes was finally out of the closet and boy was he proud!
The rest of the Joe team hadn't even blinked when he'd told them and things had carried on as usual.
Yet, little did he realise, his insistence on wearing a pink, hand-knitted camo smock on every assignment was soon to cost him and his closest friends all too dearly.
deepstatus36.85K Verified uploader
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03 November 2009
wrong image
WinterKilla47.92K Super User
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15 March 2012
Absolute Epic Fail! What kind of a name is Phoebe Cho?lol
dunky769675 Uploader
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09 April 2012
Ticket Inspector takes dress down Friday to new level.
dunky769675 Uploader
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09 April 2012
Stargazer101103.81K (3 years and 8 months ago)
Its summer here-You should see my winter coat.
wrong image
I'm more concerned about the pattern on the couch! WTF?
AhrimanThorn29.57K KAT Elite Mod
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24 August 2011
Ninja’s................are not what they used to be.
jeemayul2728 Uploader
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28 September 2011
Truly fearing global warming, Patty Paranoia thought her suit-of-many-crocheted-pot-holders would protect her from the heat.
TheShow15.6K Super User
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17 January 2011
Extreme Acid Knitting.

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