Are YOU Proud To Be A KAT member

Bubanee188.64K KAT Elite Staff
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29 November 2009
I just recently got a PM from -AfterLife- as we chat a lot and the last he sent me struck a good nerve... So blame him for this thread :p

I got to thinking of when i first joined and how over time i have seen MASSIVE changes to KAT.. along the way i have seen many great people some you might know and some not.. Moderators, Members, Uploaders and yes even HeAdCnA and his wife Milf lol.. and Mrs G and her crew :p

But what i ask of you in this thread..
What do you remember about KAT when you first joined, your memories, your goals even, other members who you took to..

One of the things i remember when i first joined is how sometimes in my afternoon i was the only person online oh and artl who obivisiously never slept.. lol
Hard to believe really ~ look at the site now! Amazing...

So do share ya thoughts..
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jazzy4kat140.13K Super User
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21 January 2012

I'm pretty much a newbie on KAT found it around a month ago, it was my birthday and i posted in the Birthday section, i was amazed at how many lovely peeps wished me Birthday wishes never had so many in my life !!
Come here pretty much every day at some point and all the films i've gotten so far have been very good ,times are hard and i appreciate so very much that people share.

I love KAT !!boo
zombicidal1906 Uploader
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07 March 2012
i like the missleading linksmad, and a community of amazing people (that actually talk when you msg themshocked)

And Some Damm Funny Poststitter

So yeah im proud...after only 4days (cant w8 to see whats gonna happen nexttongue

p.s Acievements im a achievement whore (here and 360)lol

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spider93230 Uploader
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09 March 2012
I am proud to be a user of
1) I love very much this site .
2) Its a free site .
3) Unlimited uploading and downloading available .
4) need to asked any torrent request.
5) chatting and posting picture like FACEBOOK .
6) Its a short summary of .
7) much more feature available in it .
8) I cannot live without .
anttonnorth4206 Former Translator
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03 January 2012
I'm proud and this feel like home! biggrin
kateri2392 Uploader
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23 October 2011
My niece showed my kat and I fell in love lol now my day isn't complete without visiting here. The people are crazy, nice, crazy, helpful and did I mention crazy? lol Hello_wurld was the first to help and friend me so I owe him alot tho he's probably tired of my computer illiterate questions titter I don't think I could live without kat and the wonderful people here! Did I mention kat members are crazy? I think I did lol
kombuchaGOD2471 Uploader
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07 September 2011
usually but not feeling too proud today tho
after seemingly making myself look like an ass
oh well it happens
and no I dont want to talk about it
kateri2392 Uploader
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23 October 2011
usually but not feeling too proud today tho
after seemingly making myself look like an ass
oh well it happens
and no I dont want to talk about it

we all do at some point. I wouldn't worry about it hun smile
Smittech141.42K THE KAT Elite Mod
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08 June 2010
I came to KAT to download torrents, but ended up joining the community and love it here. Meeting people all over the world just sharing thought, ideas, humor and I don't feel threaten. What other site can you go to and feel so Welcomed. We have a MOM, Grandparents to watch over us (MODS & STAFF) , SuperUsers and Uploaders!
John Lennon couldn't have said it any better.............................
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You, you may say
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will live as one
------ AT KAT.phsmile

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Deeken_Kross464 Uploader
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29 December 2011
yep. love this place and all the help I get as well as awesome torrents from everyone
bi0t0xin9923 Uploader
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06 December 2010
no doubt kat has evolved over time
and I love it
more importantly though is that I can see the future, and it's worth looking forward to
in my year or so on kat though I've only made a few acquaintances and perhaps 1 friend
I remember my first visit, the site just had my eye, I knew it was special somehow
it was warm and inviting, slightly sexy even and at a time when I was in desperate need of a new and high quality torrent site
it was love at first sight
though I was offput by the community at first because of 3 back to back people and their terribly rude comments, which were towards nothing and for no reason, just being hateful heifers
but once I got to the normal people it's been smooth sailing since

and before you look it up, heifer means cow

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