How to Setup a Proxy with UTorrent Client

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How to Setup a Proxy with UTorrent Client

Select a Free Proxy Server Address from the List HERE (you can use any other source)

Here the one i choose for this tutorial


Start the uTorrent application. Click the Options tab. Select Preferences and then the Connection tab on the left.
Choose the type of proxy you copied in Step 1. These include, but are not limited to, HTTP or SOCKS4. Insert the proxy address in the Proxy box. Change the Port option if necessary. ..Take a Look to my Settings there .


Click Apply, then OK. Close uTorrent and restart it.

This a configuration that we test today an it works .. yours may vary ... if you get any issue, always you can go back a disable proxy by selecting none

Web browser instructions

How to Setup a Proxy with Vuze Client

This tutorial is just a comp. of info .. Source can be found here
Search for USA and UK proxies. If you are concerned about getting ISP letters and want to remain anonymous in the torrent swarm then try one of these free proxies. If one slows your connection too much, try another. ... These also work for your web browser and make it harder for your real identity to be tracked by government and big business.

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Check your IP after setting up proxies/VPN on uTorrent/Vuze/Other Downloader.
Seems to be not longer working :
Use this one instead :

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For those who use Azureus, I posted a little tutorial on how to optimize your client's speed and performance. WARNING! This depends on a few very important factors:
1. Your Internet connection speed.
2. Your operating system and connection type.
3. Speed ​​and ramie your system.
4. Your will upload good.
To begin so ... if you use Azureus Vuze go to View -> Advance and how the new design loads go to Tools -> Options. If you use Azureus classic simple go to Tools -> Options.
First, press the Mode tab so that we can change through, it will let you change the advanced options.
On the first tab:
"Incoming TCP / UDP listen port - 49152
»80 Maximum number of connections per torrent
130 Maximum number of connections globally
»2 Max simultaneous downloads
2 Max active torrents
Azureus User Guide wrote:


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Because many users have contacted me to explain how to configure Deluge, I decided to make a tutorial.
I used version
Step 2:image
Step 3:image
Thanks for the Proxy thing, needed it Much, Thanx again
KAT- BrotherHood
will i have to copy a new proxy address every time i use utorrent to maintain my privacy?
I haven't any idea of this... proxy protection.
And this is just great! :)
Thanks a lot!!!! smile
Hi I have followed the instructions for finding a proxy to put in to Utorrent. I am hoping someone can be kind enough to help me out?
I am now finding that both downloads are not starting. With a previous problem I was told to turn off the DHL, should I keep this disabled now I am using a proxy?
How do I know if the proxy is working?
Can the proxy stop working during a download and "reveal" my IP?
At the moment Utorrent is showing DHT: Waiting to log in (it was diabled before)
udp:// Connection timed out.
the other things Peer Exchange and Local Peer Discovery are listed as working except DHT it states "waiting for announce"
Not sure what to do, you can probablt guess Im not too technically minded :) Hope theres enough info for some help, ty :)
Well one question: In this tutorial's 1st image you have chosen a https proxy but while setting proxy in utorrent, you have chosen http but there is a option of https proxy and also in proxy list there also http proxies than why you applied https proxy in utorrent as http proxy?

Short way .. Yes wink ... I meant, it was a Screen Shot Mistake titter .. will correct latter on .. HTTP goes to HTTP, and HTTPS goes HTTPS (as common sense) ... Btw .. good catch lol
Edited : Done .. lol

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Thanks for the info.
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are there any good site other than this i think its blocked
are there any good site other than this i think its blocked <<<< This one .. blocked ? .. Ops thats just at your end mate, I just tested an site is running up all good from here ... but as tut description stated you can use any other source to find Free Proxy Server Address .. wink

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