When You Log In Say Hello When You Leave Say Goodbye!

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Bubanee188.61K KAT Elite Staff
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29 November 2009
I notice a lot of people come and go and say hello or goodbye all over the place or Neither...

So when ya log in and you feel like saying Hello....
And the same for saying Goodbye! :)

Please Do!..
I'll be the first and say Hello.. but i am going for awhile so it's Goodbye from me and you all behave now
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SkyMtn116.24K KAT Elite Mod
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23 June 2011
time to go to sleep,,,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Extinction199 User
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16 February 2010
Hello! wink
BradsAnnoying95.48K KAT Elite Staff
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26 January 2011
im off for a nap sleepy
Species105.35K KAT Elite Staff
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17 July 2011
goodbye of to workcrycry
ScubaLoo19.29K Uploader
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27 September 2010
Nighty night........sleep fight. (its heaps more fun than sleeping tight, whatever that means)
ManyWurlds56.28K KAT Elite Mod
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06 September 2011
It's 4AM time for a nap.sleepysleepysleepy
adieu_winter2978 Uploader
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25 June 2011
i'm back!
brownsugar1318 Uploader
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09 May 2012
Hello i come here beacause other sites is not good for me,this is my fistr torrent heren and i like it till now
cu image
jazz_singh16.85K Uploader
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09 February 2012
Hello frnds.....biggrinlol
VashRefugee611 Uploader
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20 January 2012
yayayay hello
and I quote
Maybe, Just Maybe We Were All Born With the Moral Obiligation To Leave This World A Better Place Than The World That We Found!

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