What TV show are you watching right now?

TV show recommendations and impressions!

Personally I'm a fan of House M.D. and The Big Bang Theory, but I also like Sopranos, True Blood, Tripping The Rift and some old stuff like Lexx

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Catching up on Dexter. In Season 6 now.
Next is a re-watch of BSG, I imagine.
It's a cliff hanger! lol
I absolutely love BSG! What do you hear? "Nothing but the rain". Grab your gun and bring the cat in! lol
One quote I will never forget!
is sep 30 too far ?????
craving for dexter :(
Catching up on Leverage. Pretty cool stuff!
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Merlin, White Collar, Top Gear UK (all 18 seasons lol)
The walking Dead S02

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Lois & Clark. A little corny because it focuses a lot on the relationship between the two, and it's a 90's tv show. I like it though. Man of Steel!
Just watching Awake and Touch

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