Inactive Verified Uploaders - The Message

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As you all know this site is growing and along the way there has been a lot of Verified issued..

6 Months of non visit and/or no uploading to KAT is auto VU removal

You have recieved this message because your at 5 months with no activity for uploading.
Please continue to upload if you wish..

300 uploads and still seeding activity ~ Excluded
Cheers... Team
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funkHope my name doesn't come on this list :P
I don't get to upload very much, but what I upload I've tested personally and thus will work 90% for others.
Anyways drop by daily to check on you guys :)
Will upload something again soon so don't smash me with a hammer please :D
I not known buds is an ex mod.
Check this wrong user link9542 9540
Joined: 2 years ago
Last visit: 2 min. ago
Sex: male
Country: Zimbabwe
Torrent uploaded: 1
Uploader stats: Torrents reported: 0, voted good: 50, bad: 7
Posts count: 2594
Status: User is a verified uploader (verified by Mr.Red12.5K 8927 8927 , 1 year ago)
Remove verified uploader status for this user

Buds is a former mod here and does not come under the inactive uploader rule.
Last uploaded on Jan 19, 2011 only1joe23.16K
Shame really miss him posting, anyway just helping out...Per your request
only1joe23.16K has more than 300 uploads so currently is exempt from removal of VUL status.
suppose they are inactive for 6months or more, but after that if they again start uploading,,,, wil they get their VU back???
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1. Shadowone565 This guy is not uploading for 9 months .
last visit: 1weeks ago.......uploaded:131
2. vanessajay853 this guy is not uploading for 6 months.
last visit:2 months ago........uploaded:139

3. IndexTrance1151 This guy is not uploading for 5 months .
last visit:5 months ago.....uploaded:167
_ThePiratePrince_132 6 months

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greatgambler93 5 months

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greatgambler93 5 months
i think he's ok...his last upload image is 5 mnths old

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