What are you playing right now? (Games)

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Mr.White9081 User
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12 October 2009
Just another popular thread.

GTA Chinatown Wars on PSP
The game is totally awesome! The best one for psp so far!

V2 here: https://kickass.to/community/show/88061/

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doginneed540 Uploader
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24 June 2011
crysis 2
jazz_singh16.85K Uploader
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09 February 2012
Batman Arkham Asylum......biggrinbiggrinbiggrin
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28 November 2010
battlefield 2 SP on 64 player maps with ai set on 1.0 and i get my ass whooped crylol
Anonymos774 Uploader
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07 May 2012
Crysis 2.Very good game with good graphics and i wait for the crysis 3.I suggest to everyone that want to play a good game to taste it.
Waqurtx5169 Translator
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07 March 2012
GTA 2lol
ReaLighT10.75K Uploader
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10 May 2012
yeah! Crysis 2 is cool...
i playing Might & Magic Heroes vi, Blur and Angry Birds editions...
and i'm waiting Assassin's Creed 3... :p
SteRipper6029 KAT Elite Mod
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14 November 2010
I be playing "Stealth Bastard" - it's an free Indie Game for windows. Google it, it's fun. wink
hornyhornet356 Uploader
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21 May 2010
i dont know about today but i know what i will be playing tomorrow XD Diablo 3!
Eldrants5666 Uploader
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07 November 2011
Blacklight Retribution
gillett183 Uploader
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04 February 2012
just installed my first game, after some heartache, but i think my laptop may start to exhale smoke out of its ports. it shut down first go and on second go shut down further on. the lappy does this at times anyway. any advise ,eg update somthing. i have acer aspire 5738g. i appreciate any help as im open for suggestions.

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