L4zyBear aka Joseph

Mrs.L4zyBear5199 Super User
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02 March 2012
I want to thank you all here at kat and around the world for all the kind words and dedications that you've done and shown towards my husband.
I just finally found enough strength to come here and use the name that Joseph created for me. Thank you again kat for making Joseph happy the past few years.
He really loved this site.
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ohyesitwill6909 Translator
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10 October 2011
No one is immortal, we all leave this world one day.
All my condolences.

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Bubanee188.6K KAT Elite Staff
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29 November 2009
Yes bear and i used to have our off-topic moments of spamming each other with jokes and one liners all the time. He always asked how i was when i logged on or he left a comment on my wall within seconds.. sometimes i'd do the same.. to see who posted the quickest... lol
Best thing we didn't really talk about KAT that much, we both knew what we had to do here so it was chit chat and biscuit time.. he once said to me 'don't ever loose contact with me' thats when i burnt out and stood myself down a little while back.. i never did we always chatted when we crossed paths.. :)
SAF16 Uploader
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03 June 2012
I basically just found out what happened to joseph .......cry
Man that guy was tops smile he came to me when he 1st joined kat looking for guidance as im sure he did with others .1st impression though that i ever got of the guy was what a genuine kind hearted person ..I wish i'd been around more now he was part of all KAT stood for ..... Sleep well joseph sad
ScrubJ1326 Uploader
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20 June 2012
I actually didn't know about him... I would like to send my deepest condolences though... crycrycrycry
R.I.P. L4zyBear sadsadsad
Shuvayu762 Uploader
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24 June 2012
its allwase painful to loosing someone dearest. my deepest condolences
quemorrajo15.99K Uploader
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16 April 2012
for you my friend because i can't forget you jose(LAZY BEAR)image
quemorrajo15.99K Uploader
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16 April 2012
clearly was a good man,he used to visit my wall(very often) and say hi and for me was the best ever could hapen to somebody to feel that he cares about you,i just leave some flowers for hym and will leave them every sometime....REST IN PEACE

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